One Cocoon
covers every room.

As we eat, sleep and move around our homes, we create sounds too quiet for humans to hear.

But, with our unique Subsound® technology, Cocoon picks them up. And not just in one room or floor, but across your whole home.

This means – unlike all other home security providers – what you see is all you need. No wires, no extra sensors and no hassle.

Just one small, smart Cocoon.

Live and Learn.

From the moment you turn it on, Cocoon starts learning your movements and habits to get in sync with the unique sound signature of your home.

This means you can trust it to decide when there’s something you need to know about. And when it’s just the cat coming in.

Smart made simple.

Cocoon keeps your home protected and keeps you posted. Around the clock every day.

Mobile phone showing the Cocoon smart home security system app setup screen on iPhone with live mode
Mobile phone showing the Cocoon smart home security system app alert screen on iPhone with live mode large
Mobile phone showing the Cocoon smart home security system app alert screen on iPhone large
Mobile phone showing the Cocoon smart home security system app large
Mobile phone showing the Cocoon smart home security system app.

Get started

Plug in your Cocoon and the app guides you through the simple steps to get everything up and running in no time.


Forget racking your brain for security codes, Cocoon automatically arms when you leave the house in the morning and stands down when you get back.

Stay up to speed

Over time, Cocoon learns the sounds of your home and notifies you only when it hears something out of the ordinary.

Take control

Get instant access to HD audio and video streaming straight from your home during an alert. Either tell Cocoon it's OK or sound the 90+ dB siren before taking further action.

Peace of mind. Anytime.

Cocoon lets you watch live whenever you like and built-in night vision gives you extra reassurance, day and night.

For your eyes only.

Your privacy matters just as much as your security.

So, your data is processed on your Cocoon. If an alert is triggered or you check in, the data is encrypted and sent to our secure cloud. Your smartphone is the key, so only you can access your data.

And that’s it. Simple. Safe.



Subsound® technology

Using sound to protect your whole home, learning what is and isn’t normal to prevent false alarms.

Multi-room protection

Senses sound throughout your home, detecting movement most cameras might miss.

No installation

Simply plug in, download the Cocoon app and setup in seconds.

Smartphone notifications

Cocoon sends a notification to your smartphone as soon as activity is detected.

Take action

Cocoon apps for Android and iPhone let you immediately take action to feel safe.

Built-in siren

Control a very loud +90 dB siren from your smartphone.


High quality audio accompanies all HD video to hear and see what’s happening at home.

HD video

Stream HD video in real-time, or check recorded video alerts, for a clear picture of your home.

Night vision

See your home clearly, night and day.

A Cocoon smart home security system shown face on.
Cocoon smart home security system side view panned out much further

Technical specifications.


Infrasound microphone
Machine learning algorithms


720p HD camera
H.264 HD video
120° horizontal wide-angle lens
4x high power 850nm IR LEDs
Automatic night vision

Audio & indicators

High sensitivity 20Hz - 20kHz microphone
High quality built-in speaker
90+ dB siren
Red and Blue LED


2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 g/n)
WEP, WPA + WPA2 wireless security


100-240v power supply

Security & storage

The latest in AES 256-bit encryption
Secure TLS/SSL comms with cloud services
Encrypted cloud storage for 7 days


Height: 85mm
Diameter: 75mm
Weight: 175g


2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Minimum 1 Mbps upload speed
Android 4.4 or above
iPhone 4s or newer

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