Why we created Cocoon.

Traditional home security doesn't work for most people. It's too expensive, too complicated, and false alarms happen so often that we've learnt simply to ignore them.

In 2014, our founding team decided that the future of home security is to make using it as simple and intelligent as possible. We set about creating a technology that would protect the whole home from a single device, and this is how Cocoon came into the world.

We believe in making homes safer and simpler. Often the people that need home security the most are the people that don’t have access to it. Whether you’re renting, own your home or travel between homes, everyone should feel safe at home with the minimum of fuss.

Our story so far...

Cocoon first launched on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo in November 2014, smashing the campaign target in the first three days. Within a month Cocoon had been pre-sold to customers in over 50 countries, featured in almost every major tech publication and had secured seed funding from Breed Reply Investments.

Since early 2015 our team has grown from the initial 5 founders to a team of more than 30 based in Leeds and London.

Cocoon’s founding team.

Dan Conlon
Co-founder, Head of Product.

Dan ConlonCo-founder, Head of Product.

Dan leads the product management team at Cocoon. He founded Donhost and Humyo.com which he sold in 2005 and 2010, and was the Engineering Director at internet security company Trend Micro.

Sanjay Parekh
Co-founder, Head of Commercial.

Sanjay ParekhCo-founder, Head of Commercial.

Sanjay leads the commercial team at Cocoon. He was the CEO of Webexpenses, the company which he founded in 2001 and sold in 2013.

Colin Richardson
Co-founder, Head of Marketing.

Colin RichardsonCo-founder, Head of Marketing.

Colin leads the marketing team within Cocoon and is responsible for brand, sales and communications. Before founding Cocoon in 2014 he worked alongside Dan, John and Nick at humyo.com before joining the internet security giants Intel Security and Trend Micro.

Nick Gregory
Co-founder, Head of Hardware.

Nick GregoryCo-founder, Head of Hardware.

Nick leads the hardware and infrastructure teams within Cocoon, keeping the service running securely and reliably. He was CTO at the file sync company Humyo and is an expert in cloud-based data transfer and security, having lead this at internet security company Trend Micro.

John Berthels
Co-founder, Head of Software.

John BerthelsCo-founder, Head of Software.

John is the man behind Subsound®, and leads the software engineering team at Cocoon. A Mathematics graduate of The University of Cambridge, he’s an experienced software architect with strong security and cloud background, having worked at Humyo and Trend Micro before founding Cocoon.

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