Cocoon October update

It’s hard not to begin every “Cocoon Update” with something along the lines of “We’ve had a really busy month here at Cocoon.” Recently it’s been no different.

Following our launch we have shipped Cocoons to our indiegogo backers and early supporters. Most backers have received their Cocoons but if you are still waiting for your Cocoon contact us hereCocoons are now available to buy on our website, through Zurich UK’s Home Insurance, and on both and

Available on Amazon.

From day one you’ve told us you’d like to get Cocoon on Amazon, and now you can!
Cocoon is available to purchase on both and In the UK we’re part of the Launchpad programme,  a curated “place to discover unique and unexpected products from today’s brightest startups”.

Image of our team excited that Cocoon, smart home security, is now available on Amazon
We were pretty excited to go live on Amazon

Have your say!

We’re proud to be averaging 8.4/10 on Trustpilot and are already seeing lots of comments on Amazon and in the iOS and Android app stores. Thank you to all of you who’ve taken the time to leave a review.  We read each and every one of them and, whether positive or otherwise, it guides us in what’s working and what we need to improve.

Add your voice, leave a review of Cocoon on , or Trustpilot. We’d love hearing from you!

Extreme packing.

Cocoons are now all over the world, in 55 countries. It’s important that our packaging withstands the journey from our warehouses to your home so that every Cocoon arrives looking shiny and new. To achieve this our packaging must be as robust as possible.

Our team have created a new packaging to better protect Cocoons in transit, and make sure they are delivered looking great. We had to test this packaging worked as it should, and co-founder Dan did so in quite a dramatic way. Watch the video of Dan testing Cocoons to destruction.

Dan dropping Cocoons to see what damage is caused to the packaging and our precious smarthome security devices.
Cocoon’s packaging upgrade

Winners: British Engineering Excellence Awards

The design of Cocoon was created with the help of ByteSnap. Together we were nominated as Design Team of the Year in the esteemed British Engineering Excellence Awards. In a year with a record-breaking number of entries, it was an honour to be shortlisted. We were thrilled to be declared the winners on the night.

Thank you ByteSnap for being a pleasure to work with, and to The BEEAs for recognising our design.

Photo of all the winners in the 2016 BEEAs
All the winners of the 2016 British Engineering Excellence Awards

Cocoon in the news

Since launching you may have seen some of our amazing press coverage. Cocoon has been in the Financial Times, T3 Magazine, City AM and many insurance, security and tech publications.

One article we especially like is in The Memo. It highlights issues with many smart home products currently being developed, declaring Cocoon as one of only two products doing things right. London journalist Alex Wood explains how Cocoon is “Saving smart homes from the gutter”.

Cocoon, saving smart homes from the gutter
Cocoon, saving smart homes from the gutter (Photo credit: Joel Penner)

App updates

The focus of our team is now on improving our app user experience and adding features to make sure Cocoon delivers what you want. Each app update reflects feedback we’ve received. We believe security shouldn’t cost you your privacy. We bake that belief into everything we do, so you can rest assured that we’ve incorporated rigorous security measures into the app software.

Thank you

We want to say thank you for your continued support, and to remind you that we are always here if you want to say hello.

Cocoon August update

It’s been our busiest month so far at Cocoon so we’ve got lots to tell you! Cocoons are being shipped to our earliest supporters, we’ve had our official launch and for those who missed our Indiegogo campaign you can now buy Cocoon online. This month we’ve also announced a partnership with Zurich home insurance and we’ve continued working hard on future feature releases that we know you’ll love.

We’re shipping worldwide

All of our Indiegogo Supporters should now have received an email asking for confirmation of their delivery address. The details below are for all who have responded – if you haven’t confirmed your address yet then please check your inbox for an email titled “Delivering your Cocoon” or contact [email protected] so we can get your Cocoon to you as soon as possible.

Where in the world Cocoons are making people feel safe with smart home security

UK & Europe: All Cocoons should now be with you! We hope you’re enjoying them so far but would love to hear how you’re getting on at [email protected].

USA & Canada: A shipment of Cocoons is on its way, to all our American and Canadian supporters. Cocoons will arrive towards the end of August and early September.

Africa, South America, Australia & New Zealand: Cocoons are making their way to you right now.

Asia: Cocoons are on their way to you right now, however some regions have seen delays at customs. We’ll keep affected customers informed as we know more.

Antarctica: No orders yet!

Save money on your home insurance

Smarthome Security that saves you money on your home insurance - Zurich and Cocoon partnership

The big news this month is the announcement of our partnership with Zurich to offer our customers cheaper home insurance.

Sanjay, our CEO, explained how “This partnership with Zurich helps us reward those taking a smarter approach to protect their home and loved ones… It puts homeowners in control and means everyone can feel safe. We’re excited to be working with one of the most trusted names in home insurance to re-envisage home security. Find out what this means for you here.

Cocoon partners with Zurich to save you money on your home insurance

Meeting Cocoon customers

Cocoon has now officially launched! We celebrated in London and were really pleased to welcome some of our early customers and supporters to the party, read all about it here.

Colin high fives Cocoon supporter Tim at the launch party

Andrew, a local from our home city of Leeds, tweeted us to say he’d bought a Cocoon and would love to pick it up in person. We jumped at the opportunity and a few days later Andrew came to visit us. Robert showed him around and introduced him to the team who really enjoyed meeting a customer. It really brings to life why we do this – home security should be smart, simple and easy to use so everyone can feel safe!

Mobile app updates

We believe that home security should be incredibly simple to use, and a great mobile experience is a bit part of that.

Our team recently launched updates for iOS and Android with new features, and a major upgrade of geo-location (the technology to allow your Cocoon to automatically set and unset when you’re home and away). We’re most excited about the new capability to see what your Cocoon is hearing through the live Subsound® screen. Find out more about the updates here.

Subsound Visualisation screens in Cocoon Home Security Android and iOS Apps
See Subsound® in your Cocoon App

Review Cocoon!

Feedback from customers has been really positive so far, and is great for our team to hear. We’ve heard how easy Cocoon is to set up, how you like the design of Cocoon and the mobile app experience, but we’d love to hear more.

Please take two minutes to review the Cocoon mobile apps and help us on our mission to make home security simple!

Leave Android app review

Leave iPhone app review

If you have any questions we’re here to help and love hearing from you. Email us on [email protected] or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Upgrading Your Home Security Experience

We’re very excited for our latest app updates, so much so that we wanted to tell you a little about them… Available in both the Android and iOS,  we think the updates will really improve your experience with Cocoon.

See what your Cocoon is hearing

The most exciting (and complex) new feature in the update is a live visualisation of the sound waves your Cocoon detects. This means you can see Subsound® in action. Curious to try it?…

Once updated open your Cocoon app. In the main menu select  “See Subsound”
(N.B. Make sure you’re connected to the same WiFi as your Cocoon for best results.)

We hope you think the visualisations as fascinating as we do.

Subsound Visualisation screens in Cocoon Home Security Android and iOS Apps
Examples of Subsound® live, you can view it at any time, whether there’s an alert or not.

Upgraded app design

The app design has had a serious rejig to make everything not only more visually appealing, but also even more intuitive to use. The timeline is now far richer in information. There are video thumbnails for the past seven days of alerts.

You told us that being able to manually arm and disarm your Cocoon was a feature that really mattered to you. We listened, and so have made it much more straightforward and obvious to do. Now should you want to arm your Cocoon at bedtime, or disarm it when you have a babysitter, it’s really easy to do.

Sound the siren

Lots of you said that you wanted to try out the siren but couldn’t until there was an alert, but when there’s an alert you’re not home to hear the siren. Based on this we’ve now added an option to use the siren whether there’s an alert or not.

There’s much more to these updates, but we’ll let you try it for yourself.
Please do let us know what you think.

Say hello

We’re working hard to continually improve your Cocoon experience, your feedback really helps guide us so if you have a Cocoon and have any ideas, problems, things you love or questions then please do get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Email

Cocoon June Update

It’s been a busy and very exciting period at Cocoon HQ as we’ve begun shipping the first cocoons to our earliest Indiegogo backers.

We’ve had some great feedback, excited tweets and messages as shiny new Cocoons made it out to your homes for the first time. Thanks very much for the updates and photographs, like this tweet from Ross, you’ve put smiles on our faces!

Cocoon smart home security twitter thanks

We’re steadily increasing the number of Cocoons that we’re shipping to you, our earliest supporters. This is so we can test our systems thoroughly and make sure that, should any issues arise, we can resolve them for you as effectively and quickly as possible so everyone has a great experience 

We’re learning as we grow and your support has proven invaluable. Thank you.

Shipping schedule

  • We’re shipping to UK customers over the next few weeks and throughout July.
  • US, Europe and rest of world customers can expect their Cocoons to be shipped from late July.

Launch party

We’re very excited to be officially launching Cocoon with a party in London next week, Tuesday 28th. If you are a Cocoon customer and would like to come, but haven’t received an invitation then please get in touch.

Cocoon on display
Cocoons on display during a London Tech Week event.

Power cables

We spotted that a small number of our earliest Cocoon shipments were packaged with the wrong USB power cables. These have all now been replaced and to ensure it never happens again we’ve upgraded our quality control system so our customers always receive cables that are tried, tested and ready to go. We want to say a big thank you to those who’ve been patient as we’ve resolved things, and to thank our team for handling things fast and efficiently.

We’ve accelerated sourcing and shipment so that brand new cables will be included in all future shipments. We insisted that our suppliers did this fast turn-around to get the Cocoons that are with our early supporters running smoothly as soon as possible.


A key element of the Cocoon system that you’ll see improve over the next few months will be the accuracy of the Geolocation technology in the Cocoon app. This uses your smartphone signal to determine if you and your family are at home, it then can deactivate alerts to prevent false alarms. While this technology is used by services like Uber is yet to be perfected, but as we love a challenge we’re working hard to improve it for you!

Cocoon home security mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our team is growing

In other great news our team is growing. In the last few weeks Jack has joined us to work on user-interface design, Jiri has joined us as an electronic engineer and Sabrina has joined the Marketing Team focusing on communications.

new team members.001

We’ll be posting regularly but as always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, and if you think you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.

Thank you,

Team Cocoon.

Cocoon April Update

We first want to say thank you for your patience and your support. Over the last year, you’ve kindly shared your time and even your homes with us to help make simple whole home security a reality and bring Cocoon to life. We’re pleased to say that we’re now in production and will be in contact over the coming weeks to confirm shipping addresses with our earliest supporters.

April saw Cocoon ship a controlled number of devices to early Indiegogo backers as we start to carefully scale production and servicing of our customer base.

We plan to ship another 100 Cocoons in May to our earliest UK-based Indiegogo backers. If everything goes smoothly we plan to ship 900 units at the end of June to our Indiegogo backers worldwide.

To recap:

  • End of May – 100 units shipped to Cocoon backers in the U.K.
  • End of June – 900 units shipped to Cocoon backers worldwide.

Hardware Update

It’s been an incredibly busy month for hardware. Nick’s team have successfully started large scale manufacture and testing of Cocoon devices with our production partner here in the U.K. Over the next eight weeks around 1,000 Cocoons will be manufactured, packed and shipped to over 850 of our earliest supporters.

Cocoon home security

Production testing revealed a couple of minor issues that we’ve managed to resolve for the full factory production run.

  • The material used in front lens impaired night vision functionality – has now been corrected.
  • The Siren assembly process needed to be optimised for the larger production process that follows in May.

Cocoon home security team testing units

In late April we completed the production of 5,000 Cocoon retail boxes. We’ve designed the packaging to be compact and environmentally friendly, saving on materials used whilst keeping the design quality as high as possible. Each box is designed to securely encase Cocoon as it makes it’s way from the factory to your doorstep.

Cocoons complete home security packed and ready to ship.

Software Update

We’ve launched the Cocoon app on Google Play for our Android users to download ahead of receiving their devices. iPhone users will be able to download the iOS Cocoon app from the App Store shortly.

Complete home security iPhone and Android


Customer Support

We now have our customer support team in place to help with any queries that you may have. Customer support is now available from 09:00-17:00 UK time, 5 days a week in April-May, in June we’ll start to increase our support hours until we reach 24-hour coverage 6 days a week by July as we start to see more Cocoons around the world come online.


We need your help.

We’re looking to get some feedback on the video recording features of Cocoon, we appreciate you taking the time to help with this by completing this short survey.

We’ll be posting regularly but as always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch and if you think you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.


Team Cocoon

Cocoon March Update

March saw Cocoon’s hardware and packaging enter into production and our apps took a leap towards being launch-ready.

Scaling production

We’re moving our hardware into production, with the first batch of Cocoons being assembled in our UK factory this week.  Greater volumes of Cocoons will be manufactured later in the month to meet the orders of our earliest supporters.  Below you can see one of the automated quality assurance tools we’ve built to test Cocoons on the production line.

Cocoon Home Security Device

It’s incredibly important that we scale production volumes steadily so that processes, infrastructure, and support systems can be tuned to work at increasing scale.  We appreciate that you want to get Cocoon into your home as soon as possible but we ask that you bear with us just a little longer, we’re almost there!

Software progress

Cloud Video Recording.

John’s development team has extended the cloud video system to support live streaming as well as historic alerts, allowing us to drop our interim approach and reduce the size of the downloaded applications.

Night vision.

The thresholds for switching to and from infrared night vision have been tuned using data from trial users. Some work remains to handle cases where the Cocoon is in a dark corner.

Mobile apps.

The mobile apps are functionally complete and are going through UX refinement and bug testing prior to public launch on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The Android app will be available in mid-April, with the iOS app arriving soon after.

Cocoon home security mobile app for Android and iOS.

Test a Cocoon in your home now

We’re looking for a number of our Indiegogo supporters with Android smartphones to live with Cocoon ahead of the final product shipping in May. If you’d like to be part of this extended beta test then please complete this short form.  We’ll be in touch with the rest of our supporters to confirm the shipping address for your Cocoon(s) in the coming month.

Check out our package

As you can see from the images below, the Cocoon packaging is efficient in its use of materials, packing Cocoon and all its peripherals into a 13cm x 13cm  high-quality recyclable card case.

Cocoon Blog Packaging White Image 800x400

The Cocoon packaging is designed to be easy to open and access so you won’t need to rip it apart to be united with your Cocoon!

Cocoon Blog Packaging Full

We’ll be posting regularly but as always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, and if you think you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.

Thank you,

Team Cocoon.

Cocoon February Update

Since the start of the year we’ve been 100% focused on delivering Cocoon, and this has meant that we’ve had little time to rest. We’re furiously developing Cocoon’s software, setting up for hardware production and growing our team. It’s an exciting (and exhausting) time!

Hot in hardware.

We’re pretty much ready for hardware to go into mass production and expect to deliver our first higher volume units later this month, with a small number of units in March and a significant increase in April to meet the orders of our earliest supporters. A number of automated test fixtures have been produced for the larger production runs so that we can accommodate the growth in production.
Cocoon home security.
Most the final Cocoon components are now with Nick’s hardware development team in the Leeds office, narrowly missing the Chinese New Year holidays. This means that we don’t expect any delays to our shipping date of April 2016.

Sharp in software.

Cloud Video Streaming.

We’re putting polish on our cloud video streaming, which sees Cocoon pull recorded alerts securely from the cloud. Customers can expect to see live HD video of alerts and 30 seconds of HD video leading up to the event!

Cocoon home security device mobile security app pictures.

Subsound™ – Feeling safe at home.

We’ve been expanding our test data set continually so we now have a much larger number of active Cocoon trialists supporting the refinement of Subsound detection (well over a year worth of real Subsound data now). This means that we have been able to enhance our machine learning models, chiefly with the aim of increasing robustness and false positive reduction. We’ll continue to make improvements as the number of Cocoon trial users increases!

Subsound 101 – Subsound is the technology that we’ve developed to sense activity throughout the home, and it works by combining infrasound detection, machine learning and the location service on your smartphone to decide whether or not to trigger an alert. Because Cocoon uses sound it means that it can protect a much larger area than other smart home security devices. The image below is a glimpse into the ‘brain’ of a Cocoon.

Here you can see data from a trial user’s home (Cocoon team member) which shows Cocoon identifying members of the household coming and going, automatically activating and deactivating without triggering any false alerts! Note – alerts are muted when the user is at home.

Cocoon home security subsound data picture

Cocoon is growing!

Ash – This month we welcomed Ash, who leads our digital marketing efforts at Cocoon! At the tender age of 16 Ash founded his first business and last year he successfully exited the online advertising platform that he founded, coded and lead!

Ash, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Charlie – A welcome addition to the device team, Charlie is here to work on the platform code for the Cocoon itself. A recent graduate from York in CS with AI, Charlie is here to bring the intelligence factor.

Charlie, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Michael – Also arriving in early January, Michael brought his considerable python skills to team Cocoon. Not only has Michael demonstrated his engineering capabilities, he’s also helped name one of our internal microservices, which shares his son’s name, and just so happens to be a species of moth…

Michael, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Piotr – Our newest Android developer. Piotr joined us early on the in the new year all the way from Poland and is helping to test and implement key features in the Cocoon Android app.

Tim – The start of February saw us welcome two new starters, one of which was Tim, an iOS developer. He hit the ground running and is already earning his stripes in helping to deliver a key milestone for our video playback functionality.

Upscale – fastest growing startups in the UK.

If you’re a regular visitor to the Cocoon blog, you’ll have seen that we’ve been selected to join Tech City UK’s Upscale programme, powering 30 of the fastest growing UK tech companies!

Upscale comes hot on the heels of Tech City UK’s FutureFifty programme, which supported the likes of Graze,, Shazam, and Transferwise as they exploded into life over the past few years.

We’re all really excited to be part of this great group of startups looking to share ideas, learn new ways of doing things and ultimately pass that back to our customers in the form of a fantastic product and brand. This is why Upscale makes sense for Cocoon, and why we’re committing our team to supporting it.

Cocoon has been chosen by the expert Upscale judging panel as they feel we represent emerging digital business with the most potential for rapid scale and international growth. Pretty cool, right!

Cocoon Home Security Tech City Upscale

We’ll be posting regularly but always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, and if you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.

Thank you,

Team Cocoon.