Cocoon works without a subscription

Looking after your home should be hassle-free, but often it isn’t. Traditional home security doesn’t work and is complicated. With costly installation and an ongoing subscription, nuisance false alarms, ugly sensors, and codes you need to remember to set – it’s a pain. That’s why we created Cocoon – to make it simple for everyone to feel that their homes are secure.

Cocoon contains everything you need to keep your home safe in one beautiful device and senses movement in multiple rooms to alert you as soon as it detects something suspicious. Each device sends clear video straight to your phone, night or day. Best of all, it works without monthly fees or subscriptions.

All this, without monthly fees

When you buy Cocoon (for just £159) you get a beautiful device and app that work together and, without paying a subscription fee each month, you get all this:

  • Multi-Room Protection Motion detection throughout the rooms of your home, from a single Cocoon, using Subsound®.
  • Timeline Recent activity safely stored in your timeline so can look back on comings and goings, videos and alerts.
  • HD Video Downloads You can download 3 HD video downloads every 30 days.
  • Watch Live Check in on your home anytime.
  • Night Vision A clear picture of your home, night and day.
  • Auto Arm Understanding when you’re home and away, Cocoon knows when to stand on guard. You don’t need to remember to set anything
  • Manual Override Automation is great for an easy life but, for something to truly be effective, you need to be able to take control too. With Cocoon you have that control, you can choose to arm it at bed-time or disarm it when the cleaner arrives.

Cocoon is designed to make it simple for everyone to feel that their homes are secure, and changing our offering in a way that would negatively impact our customers goes against our values.

Subscriptions will likely feature in 2018 and will be for services beyond that which we offer today. So, while we will be offering something extra for those willing to pay a little more, we have no plans to take anything away from the Cocoon experience that our customers value today.

We put our customers first.
You can rest assured that, without any monthly fees, Cocoon will always work to look after what you care about most.