Why drop testing packaging is important

A key challenge faced by any business shipping real products, as opposed to building software or running a service, is getting the packaging right. Especially when shipping globally. It’s unlikely that logistics and airport handlers will care for packages quite as you’d hope they might. Even when marked as fragile.

Cocoons are now all over the world, in 55 countries at the time of writing, so it is increasingly important that our packaging is as robust as possible. We want our customers to receive their Cocoons looking shiny and new, but our original tightly packed boxes didn’t work so well. Dan did a very scientific demonstration to show how our packaging needed to improve. (Also showing off the glamourous life of a hardware startup!)

Dan dropping Cocoons to see what damage is caused to the packaging and our precious smarthome security devices.

Why is the packaging so important?

Opening a new bit of tech should always be a pleasure, from the design of the box, through to the simplicity of setup. We’d worked hard to perfect this initial customer experience but were aware that if Cocoons were damaged in transit this experience could be ruined.

Our team got to work designing a more protective carton for those precious Cocoons. It needed to ensure they always arrive in perfect condition.

The result was simple, but effective.

Our new protective packaging design for international shipping, as Cocoons travel to customers all around the world.

With the new packaging ready Dan once again did a test. This time dropping £3,600 of Cocoons onto concrete, which he conveniently didn’t tell us about until later.

Watch Dan test Cocoons to destruction here:

This new packaging makes sure that your Cocoon is looked after on its way to you, where it will then, in turn, look after your whole home. Delivering complete security from one small device, through the power of Subsound®.

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