World Cup security tips for football fans

Home Security Tips For Football Fans Playing Home and Away During The World Cup
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As the World Cup approaches, football fever is spreading with office sweepstakes and pub blackboards listing fixtures. The last thing you want while enjoying a kick-about in the park, or cheering on a game in the pub, is to be worrying about your home. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your home safe during football season.

No ticket, no entry.

  • Lock your windows and doors
    Sound obvious? With almost 30% of burglars entering homes through an unlocked door or window, and an astonishing 34% enter through the front door, it’s important to remember!

Turn on the floodlights

  • Install motion sensor lights outside your home
    Security lights that are triggered by movement near your property can deter burglars who would much rather who be hiding in dark corners. They also give you welcome illumination when you’re returning home after dark.
  • Install smart lights for unpredictable extra-time
    With smart lights, you can adjust the times when they illuminate your home, the fact the times aren’t predictable will make the illusion that there are people at home more realistic than more traditional lights on timers. Burglars will spot the routine of timed lights, so smart bulbs are a must.

Avoid showboating

  • Keep valuables out of sight
    Burglars will usually scout out properties before taking the risk of breaking and entering. The way they do this? Peering through windows. Avoid having valuables scattered visibly throughout your home.
  • Frost your windows: 

    Are you unlikely to remember to put your iPad away in a drawer or to hide your piggy-bank in the cupboard? Then make sure burglars can’t peep in through your windows and see them by applying privacy film to your windows.
  • Curtail their view with curtains and/or blinds
    One of the easiest things you can do to make your home burglar-unfriendly is to install curtains or blinds (go cordless if you have young children) – and then use them. If a thief can’t see in, they’ll likely move on to target a different house.

Support your local team

  • Join a neighbourhood watch:
    The UK’s largest voluntary movement, with similar schemes globally, is Neighbourhood Watch. Their mission is to “bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities” and with 2.3 million members in the UK, they play a huge role in crime prevention. Find out about and join your local Neighbourhood Watch here.
  • Make friends with your neighbours
    If your neighbours know who you are, they’ll also know if a stranger is poking around your house and be able to let you know.

Keep your garden football game ready

  • A well-kept lawn makes it clear that you are not away on holiday, that you take care of things so are unlikely to leave your valuables lying around in your home, ready to grab.
  • Well-pruned hedges are harder to hide behind.
  • If your tools and ladders are put away in a locked shed or garage, they can’t be used to aid a break in!

Get a season ticket to always see your team

  • Install a home security system to check in on your home from anywhere

    The most reliable way to deter burglars is a home security system. Most will know that dummy cameras are fake, but there are affordable and simple systems out there, like our very own Cocoon! Taking seconds to install and offering multi-room protection from one beautiful gadget, that connects to your phone so you receive smart alerts wherever you are.

For more tips to help you feel safe at home and away, visit the Cocoon blog.