Top tech for a healthy active lifestyle

Top tech for an active and healthy lifestyle this new year.
Cocoon Labs

The new year calls for new adventures. When reflecting on the year that’s gone by and the treats scoffed over Christmas, we often take up new habits to improve our health and lifestyle. The hardest thing is sticking to these healthy habits.

Here at Cocoon, we’ve made a smart gadget that helps you feel safe while connecting you with your home. Many of our customers report that their Cocoon home security system brings them peace of mind. That’s one element of staying healthy in 2018. Another important aspect of a healthy year is keeping active.

Here’s our pick of the top tech to help you have an active lifestyle in 2018. (Lots are discounted for January so it’s worth getting in fast!)

Stay hydrated: Dot smart water bottle

A simple idea, track how much you drink with this sleek water bottle from Joseph Joseph. The Dot’s clever lid is leak proof and tracks how much water you’ve drunk in a simple system. It shows a single dot if you’ve drunk 600ml, two for 1.2 litres, three for 1.8 litres, and four for 2.4 litres (for the 600ml bottle). Every time you refill, the bottle continues to track your sips.

It’s dishwasher proof so easy to clean, it’s hardy and made from impact-resistant Tritan™, plus it is BPA free. Reusable water bottles like the Dot reduce plastic waste, so you can help the environment while staying healthy and hydrated.

Available in either 400ml or 600ml and in a range of colours – including Cocoon green!

It’s currently on offer on the Joseph Joseph website, 600ml is £6.76 (usually £10)

Stay energised: The Oomph portable coffee maker

Sometimes you just need a bit of oomph to get moving. The Oomph allows you to make delicious coffee fast, without buying from cafes and leaving a trail takeaway cups. Using pressure generated as you push the lid, like an Aeropress, The Oomph gives you rich coffee fast whether you’re wild camping, commuting or dashing out to the gym.

Engineered from tough BPA free materials The Oomph is safe, portable, robust and, unlike many of its competitors, really easy to clean. Available at with January offer from The Oomph website for £30.49 (usually £37.90)

Stay smart: MilestonePod activity tracker

This little pod makes any shoe smart, without any buttons or charging. (It’s almost as simple to use as Cocoon!) Simply clip it onto your shoe and the MilestonePod will track the distance, time and number of steps. It can give you detailed information on your gait, foot strike, leg swing, and even on the mileage of your shoes so you know when to replace them.

The free app is available for Android and iOS, linking to your MilestonePod through Bluetooth. Once set up you can run without your phone, syncing once you’re home and have caught your breath. It’s simple, effective and affordable – so start running and the MilestonePod will help you stay active! Available to buy from Amazon for £29.99

Stay safe: Lumos bike helmet

Cycle safely on busy roads with the world’s first smart bike helmet. The Lumos Helmet protects you from bumps, boosts visibility with 48 LED lights and signals too. Clearly indicating to other road users when you’re turning, slowing down or braking.

Rainproof, simple to charge and internationally safety certified, this cycling innovation can help you stay safe on the road. Available in a range of sizes and colours on the Lumos Helmet website for £159.99

Stay charged: Anker Powercore 20100

You can’t track your steps, listen to music or connect with friends without your phone. The more you’re out and about being active, the less opportunity to charge the battery at home, so a portable charger is essential.

Anker is known as a leading brand for charging, and this device is small enough to carry in your pocket while giving you up to 7 charges for top-end smartphones like the iPhone 7 or Samsung S6. Plus the high-speed charging technology means you get all the juice you need, fast. Available to buy from Amazon for £28.99

Stay entertained: Dash Pro headphones

These truly smart AI wireless headphones from Bragi combine comfort, incredible audio and activity tracking with some state of the art innovation. They have AI-powered activity tracking, hands-free gesture controls, and iTranslate for those of you who love to travel. The babelfish from HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is now a reality. Bragi’s iTranslate offers in-ear translation for nearly 40 languages.

Working with Android, iOS or Windows devices, all major virtual assistants (including Amazon Alexa), waterproof and with up to 30 hours battery. The Dash Pro headphones are the ultimate gadget for entertainment on the go. Available to buy on Amazon for £258.23

Stay connected: Cocoon home security system

When you’re busy it’s great to still have a link to your home, to feel connected and be able to check in on your family. Cocoon gives you that, the smart home security system combines AI (artificial intelligence) with a sleek design to effortlessly look after more rooms in your home than any other security system in the world.

Working with Android and iOS you can watch live HD video to feel the comfort of home from anywhere. Should Cocoon detect something unusual while you’re away from home you’ll receive an alert straight to your phone. Too busy to check your phone? No worries, Cocoon saves that video for you to check back on later.

It’s a gadget for peace of mind so that you can keep active and feel safe. Plus Cocoon can be installed in under a minute! Available to buy from for £159, with free UK shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty.

Got a favourite bit gadget that helps you keep an active and healthy lifestyle? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.