The dreaded return – dealing with that ‘oh no…’ feeling.

Cocoon Labs

It sounds like the title of a B-movie horror film and maybe it is. That moment which strikes dread into the heart of everyone… returning home from time spent away. Chilling in the sun, going to work, or returning from a night out with friends, the moment when you wonder what might meet you when you return home is something we could all really do without.

I’m writing this in the middle of a forest about an hour away from Warsaw, Poland where I’ve come to ‘switch off’, to get away from it all and despite being as close to one with nature as I’m ever likely to be I’m still within good cell reception… In the midst of a tech golden age, where even in the vast wilderness I can check Facebook, tweet, and stream music via Spotify, why can’t I check in with home and put my mind at rest? Better yet, why can’t my home check in with me?

Some time ago now over drinks the founding team of Cocoon asked the question ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if I could contact my home and find out what’s happening?’. If I’m being honest it was less of a question and more of a challenge to one and other. We wanted the home (our homes) to let us know that everything was okay and better yet only bother us if something was wrong, out of the ordinary and needed our attention. Having spent a lot of time travelling over the last few years many of us had become all too familiar with that nagging feeling which meant we’d probably left a window open or forgotten to renew our home insurance… [Seriously, sometimes people are people]. The idea that we could give everyone peace of mind and help them stay safe really was all the incentive we needed to put our heads together to make home security smart and simple.

Every problem has a solution. Nest helps make sure I’m not damaging the environment by throttling back on my heating while I’m staying late at work or catching up with friends. It’s great because I save money and I my life gets a little easier. The warm feeling of being eco-friendly is an added bonus as I’m also saving to get married and it means we can now afford a wedding cake 😉 A smarter home means a happier home life – not quite convinced? Take a moment to think about your own home…

Getting up in the middle of the night and creeping down the stairs baseball bat in hand is something we’ve probably all done (or Cricket bat if you prefer). Reacting to things that go bump in the night or that feeling of worry when you put the key in the door after time spent away is something we probably all could do without. Cocoon is designed to make your home a safer place, connected to you and smart enough to tell you everything is or isn’t okay at home – making your life easier and safer. With one smart device protecting your home you only need to check your smartphone to see that the noise that woke you up wasn’t an intruder (it could however still be a monster under the bed) so you can relax and get back to your 8 hours a night.

So what do you think – Next time you’re coming home from work or travel would you rather have a life with, rather than without Cocoon?