How to stay safe from burglary this Bonfire night

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“Remember remember the 5th of November… Gunpowder, treason and plot”. November 5th is a time of fireworks, sparklers and seeing your breath hang in the cold air. This weekend, families and friends across the UK will gather in local parks to watch bonfires, throwing yellow and orange flames high into the cold night sky. We spend an evening making memories with loved ones and watching fantastic firework displays to remember the Gunpowder Plot, 411 years ago.  

Why burglary spikes around fireworks night

While out enjoying our local firework displays, most of us leave our homes empty. The bangs and flashes of fireworks provide the perfect cover for criminals which means that burglaries spike around November 5th. With over 650,000 UK homes broken into in 2016, the stats show Bonfire Night is the worst day of the year for burglary, with 21% more than the average day according to data from Aviva, the UK’s leading home insurer.

Aviva found that 42% of homeowners leave windows unlocked when they’re out – making it all too easy for burglars, especially on a night of the year when they’re provided with extra cover. Make sure you lock your windows and doors as you head out, and follow these home security tips from the Cocoon team.

5 Tips To Stay Safe This Bonfire Night

  1. Have stickers showing that you have a burglar alarm visible in your window, so people know that your home is protected. (Over 81% of burglars avoid homes with burglar alarms.)
  2. Remember to remove flyers from your doormat, leaving a stack there makes it look like your house is unoccupied.
  3. If you’ve been working in the garden, don’t leave a ladder or wheelbarrow out. It can make it easy for criminals to access windows and balconies when attempting a burglary.
  4. Don’t advertise to thieves that you’re going to be out, be discreet when loading your car, and wait until you’re back home to share your photos online.
  5. Get yourself a Cocoon home security system, so you know your home is secure from burglary while you’re away.

Cocoon can help you keep safe this November

Peace of mind and good home security go hand in hand. Sadly the time and cost of setting up a burglar alarm system can be enough to make you feel like it’s Halloween again! Thankfully, new smarter home security systems like Cocoon not only take the hassle away from protecting your home, they also make it much more affordable.

From £159 you can protect your home with a simple to setup and use all-in-one Cocoon device that uses unique Subsound® multi-room protection technology to cover more of your home, alerting the moment something unusual happens.

  • Simple Setup
  • HD Camera and live video streaming
  • Smart mobile phone notifications
  • Built-in siren you can trigger from anywhere
  • Auto-arm and disarm when you come and go
  • Records and stores videos free for 7 days

Cocoon is more than a smart home security system or burglar alarm, it’s a way to check in on your pets and loved ones and to connect to your home even when you can’t be there. With simple setup, clear HD video night and day, and an easy to use app on iOS and Android. Cocoon has all you need to feel safe this Bonfire Night, and throughout the year.

Need more help with your home security?

If you’re still not sure about how best to secure your home this winter you can find more information in our helpful Cocoon home security guide.