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Cocoon wins Best Product in the Crowdcube Awards

Cocoon wins best product of the year at the annual Crowdcube awards 2018, the award is voted for by the public, showing the smart home security system by Cocoon really is the future of smart home security
Cocoon Labs

We’re delighted to announce that Cocoon was voted winner of Best Product in Crowdcube Awards 2018. Voted for by the public, this award shows that our smart home security system really is changing how people protect their homes and making them feel safe.

This time last year we smashed our fundraising target on Crowdcube, hitting £2.3 million with support from more than 1,000 investors. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this anniversary than winning this prize. Showing that the product those investors backed is proving to be “the future of home security”.

We’re proud to sit alongside some brilliant businesses, including Monzo, Grind and Freetrade, as winners in The Annual Crowdcube Awards.

Quotes from the voters

Many of those who voted shared kind words about why they were nominating Cocoon to win Product of the Year. Here are a few we’d like to highlight, courtesy of Crowdcube:

“Incredible, affordable product with a transparent team dedicated to making home security smart and easy.”

“Simple and intuitive home security with no hidden costs and excellent customer service”

“They really have added something new to the market with a product in a very digital world. It is tidy, non-intrusive and very smart. Hats off”

Thank you

Thank you for the support and votes! As you can see with this award, you really are making a difference as we continue our mission – making it simple to protect your home and the people you, so you can feel safe.

We haven’t got this far on our own. Cocoon products are now looking after homes in over 70 countries around the world, getting five-star reviews from customers and winning awards. We’ve achieved all this by working closely with our customers, fans and investors. So, this one’s for you.

Thank you for being an important part of the Cocoon story.

Three of Cocoon's founders celebrate winning the Product of the Year award in the annual Crowdcube awards
Three of Cocoon’s founding team, John Berthels (Head of Software), Sanjay Parekh (CEO) and Nick Gregory (Head of Hardware) celebrate winning Product of the Year in the annual Crowdcube Awards.