Cocoon is the simplest home security to install, ever.

Installation of your Cocoon smart home security system is quick and easy, powered by sound it connects to your mobile app. Free on iOS and Android.
Cocoon Labs

Traditional home security is so complicated and expensive to install that it puts many people off having it, leaving 70% of UK homes unprotected. Cocoon is changing that, powered by sound the installation is so simple it takes seconds to setup. Making home security more accessible for the 19 million UK homes currently unprotected.

Our team set out to make it incredibly easy to have complete home security. With a little sound thinking, we managed to make it so simple that Cocoon can be set up in under a minute!

How can installation of Cocoon be that fast?

Simply put, it’s fast to setup because it uses sound.

Cocoon is unique in using low-level sound to detect movement in your home. Using AI to understand these low-level sounds and know when to alert you. As sound is core to how Cocoon works, we began exploring how it might help with the setup process. We realised that sending data securely (as coded sound) was an incredibly simple and fast way for anyone to install a security system. It means you don’t need to rely on flakey Bluetooth or fiddle with extra buttons on Cocoon.

Once plugged in, a brand new Cocoon is waiting to connect to the internet and to your phone. Its microphone is on, listening for some information to be sent through sound. If you follow the setup instructions in the Cocoon mobile app (iOS and Android), the few bits of data you enter will be turned into a little tune. Turn up the volume, and then listen as your phone chirps to Cocoon, and voila!

The magic moment

Just like magic, upon hearing these chirps from your phone, Cocoon securely connects to your WiFi and your phone. Your smart home security is ready to go.

The song that your phone chirps to Cocoon is data that’s encoded as a sequence of different audio tones. They are totally unique to you, similar to phone dialling tones but designed to be more pleasing to hear.

Rob, our Lead Developer at Cocoon, has written a more technical blog. He explains how we send secure sound-based data to make installation simple. It will be live on our blog soon.

Making home security simple for you

Through sound Cocoon is easy to setup and simple to use. The musical chirp makes installing Cocoon a much more easy and pleasant experience for you, and our unique Subsound® technology makes home security that’s smart and hassle-free. Protecting multiple rooms in your home from one device and learning to avoid false alarms. All powered by sound.

The musical code you hear during Cocoon’s setup is when you first feel the magic of the technology we’ve created. We hope you continue to love your Cocoon once it’s up and running and that smart home security powered by sound helps make you feel safe at home.