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Cocoon September Update

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We’ve been quiet for the last few weeks and during this time our team have been focusing on some key development challenges as part of our ongoing user trial. So, now we’re able to come up for air it’s time for the latest Cocoon update.

Cocoons in the field.

During September, we’ve had Cocoon devices in real customer homes, with willing supporters putting Cocoon through it’s paces. The early signs are that the set-up process and the Wi-Fi are working well, but we quickly noticed a difference in performance between numerous Cocoons in the field.

The cause of the varying performance has been identified as the electronic components used for Subsound™ detection. Some are fine, others are less sensitive. Issues like this only get found when many units are built for the first time. We already have a resolution for this, but it will require a small change to the audio processing electronics.

Cocoon home security devices tested in homes.

Development push.

We’ve spent time enhancing Cocoon’s ability to log and monitor performance, working out whether they are related to hardware differences, software setup or environmental issues. This has the added benefit of helping our team to work out how customers prefer to interact with the mobile app so we can create a more enjoyable experience.

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the effectiveness of Subsound and make it easier to use Cocoon. To do this we have spent time enhancing the reliability of the data feed from the user trial cocoons, which feeds into performance and reliability analysis and Subsound development

John’s team of incredible developers have spent time enhancing the live video streaming to work more reliably across a greater variety of network environments. This means that the Cocoon live video stream scales up and down depending on your network availability.

Cocoon home security team developing

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We think it’s important that our decisions are informed by the people who use our products. To give you a better product experience we’d like to understand how you’d see yourself interacting with Cocoon. Please take two minutes to complete this survey.

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