Security can be beautiful

Cocoon Labs

‘An interior is the natural projection of the soul’, Coco Chanel

Modern life is busy. We’re spending less and less time at home, so it may seem surprising that interior design gets much attention. But our moments at home are precious, so making your house a home is actually more important now than ever. You should be transported into your comfort zone the minute you walk through the door.

Design choices in the home have been found to have a significant impact on our emotional state, and on the way your guests feel when you welcome them into your space. The more invested you are in your space, the more you care about how it looks and feels. Having invested time and energy into making the space beautiful, it’s only natural that you’d want to look after that space so it remains your sanctuary. This means more than keeping it clean and tidy. It means making sure it remains your safe place, whether you’re home or away.  With Cocoon, ‘home security doesn’t have to mean upsetting the feng shui of your house with reams of wires (and ugly sensors)’ – T3

In creating our home security system we’ve been obsessive over small details, because Cocoon is for people who care about design and consider home their haven. Cocoon had to be simple and beautiful so that it would complement, rather than intrude on, the space it looks after.

As Leonardo da Vinci’s said; ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’. Good design is simple. We find our focus on user-centred design sometimes means stripping back distracting features that that didn’t serve Cocoon’s core purpose – looking after everything that makes your house a home. While the technology that powers each of our beautiful devices is complex, we realise that simplicity is the key to an uncluttered existence.

Particularly in our early days, our focus on design meant some unusual days at the office. Cocoon has a single button and, as the only button, it had to be perfect. We were obsessive, sitting around a table with bags of buttons and clickers, trying every single one. We wouldn’t give up until we found the perfect balance between a reassuring resistance and an elegant finish.

There’s a little story like this behind every element of your Cocoon – even the bits you can’t see. The colours, the fabric, plastic and metal, the weight, how they create a harmony of spheres and circles. And the way it all just works, effortlessly. As Dan, Co-Founder at Cocoon says, ‘Any device that goes into someone’s home must complement their space’, Dan, Co-Founder at Cocoon. ‘I’m proud that, despite the state of the art technology,  we haven’t let engineering compromise Cocoon’s aesthetics.’

It’s been hugely important for us to create something simple and beautiful. A security system that fits unobtrusively into any environment. That’s why we’ve won awards for it. More importantly though, it’s the reason so many people are proud to have their Cocoon on show, protecting what matters most.

There’s something beautiful about the feeling of security.

Feel safe without upsetting the Feng Shui of your home, buy Cocoon now.

If you have any questions about Cocoon, and how we ensure the very best levels of security, let us know. We’re here to help and love hearing from you. Email us on [email protected], or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.