Convicted: burglars busted by Cocoon

Burglars busted by Cocoon smart home security system are convicted in Scottish court
Cocoon Labs

Two burglars have been convicted by Cocoon! Wearing balaclavas, the criminals broke into a home in Scotland unaware that it was protected by a Cocoon smart home security camera. Their movement triggered Cocoon to automatically record video, helping the police to identify and successfully prosecute them.

The family who were victims of the burglary are sharing their story in hope it will let others know the importance of having a home security system. To respect their wish to remain anonymous we will call them Mr and Mrs Smith.

Convicted by Cocoon

Mr Smith often works away from home for long periods. He bought a Cocoon for peace of mind, so he’d know his family were safe when he wasn’t there. It proved itself just before Christmas last year when Mr and Mrs Smith were in Tenerife enjoying a family holiday. Their home was broken into at night, and Cocoon caught it all on camera using its built-in night vision.

The burglars triggered Cocoon which sent notifications to both of their phones and recorded video of the unfolding events. Being on holiday, the couple weren’t checking their phones very often and missed the alerts – but Cocoon had their back. Automatically recording the break-in and saving it all in the Cocoon app. Mr and Mrs Smith could access all the video footage later, even though the thieves had cut their Cocoon’s cable!

On realising what had happened, the couple got in touch with the local police, sharing with them the HD video Cocoon had captured. Armed with video evidence, the police were able to identify the burglars and to bring criminal proceedings against them.

The court found them guilty. Which means Mr and Mrs Smith hope that soon they’ll have the stolen gadgets and jewellery, including a sentimental engagement ring, returned to them.

Feeling safe with Cocoon

Explaining what a relief it was that the burglars were brought to justice, the couple explained, “It’s all down to the video really,” said Mr Smith. “The video and audio Cocoon captured was amazing. Within a few hours, the police used the video to get a search warrant, which ultimately led to two convictions.”

Mrs Smith found the video too upsetting to watch but expressed how comforting it was knowing her home security worked. “It’s a really good thing we have Cocoon. When Mr Smith first suggested I said we didn’t need it, but I’m obviously now very glad we have it. Because of Cocoon, the police had so much evidence against the burglars.”

She continued, “if we hadn’t had Cocoon we wouldn’t have been able to get them arrested or to get our stuff back. The video’s so clear even though our house was dark, the police said: “thank god you had that”. It’s such a horrible experience, especially while away on holiday, I’m just so glad Cocoon was there.”

What if burglars cut the power?

We’ve designed Cocoon to look after your home even if thieves try to interfere with it. If armed it saves 30-second loops of HD footage, constantly recording over the previous 30 seconds. By burning over what’s not needed Cocoon protects your privacy, not storing the everyday goings-on in your empty home. If something triggers Cocoon to alert, it securely pushes the previous 30-seconds to the cloud while continuing to record the unfolding event. Giving you evidence from before the event happened. For example, imagine a thief peering through your window before attempting to break in? You would have their face caught on video and saved securely in the cloud ready for you to download in Cocoon’s mobile app.

The burglars did cut the cable on Mr and Mrs Smith’s Cocoon but, because of the 30 second pre-recording and secure cloud storage, Cocoon still provided plenty of video evidence for the criminal case. Capturing 30 seconds of video before the first attempt at a break-in, and continuing to record. When cutting Cocoon’s cable the burglar had to get very near to Cocoon’s HD camera, unwittingly giving the police a high definition close-up image of himself!

It’s for cases like this that we designed Cocoon to record in these 30-second loops. Safely storing video in the cloud for seven days, to easily download on your phone at no extra cost. With Cocoon, you’ll never miss an important moment.

Prevention and peace of mind

While we all hope not to ever need home security, the peace of mind it brings makes it a worthwhile investment. It can be confusing to choose the right system for you, our home security guide might help.

Whatever you choose, we recommend making it clear that you have home security installed on the outside of your property. When burglars break into a home they are calculating the odds of getting caught, having a visible security system will deter the majority of burglars. Every Cocoon comes with a window sticker for exactly this reason.

There are a small number of professional burglars who break into houses no matter what precautions are in place. When this is the case, a ringing alarm simply won’t cut it. Installing a security camera will give you a much better chance of helping the police to catch and prosecute these criminals. Video footage can get justice, and your stolen belongings returned to you.

As Mrs Smith said, “I’m just so glad Cocoon was there.”