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Cocoon and PolicyCastle save you money on home insurance

Cocoon Labs

We’re excited to announce that from today a partnership with PolicyCastle, the innovative digital home insurance platform, can save Cocoon customers a market-leading 15% on their home insurance.

Each year over 650,000 families in the UK fall victim to a break-in. This is devastating for individuals and costs the UK economy over £1.5bn in home insurance claims. Together with PolicyCastle, we’re changing the relationship between customers and insurers, from cleaning up after things go wrong, to stopping them before they happen. Our smart home security partnership provides a win-win for both customers and the insurers seeking to provide peace-of-mind.

Saving you money while making you safer

Nobody likes paying over the odds for utilities, so why should home insurance be any different? At Cocoon, we’re on a mission to help everyone feel safe at home, so we’re working together with PolicyCastle and other innovative insurance partners to reward UK customers for making their homes safer. It’s our aim to kickstart change in the home insurance industry and encourage larger, more established brands to improve their offerings to UK customers.

Offering more than just a ‘smart home’

At a time when household budgets are being squeezed, it couldn’t be more important to help provide real-world benefits to people that use smart home devices to secure their homes. Most smart home products while being fun or saving us a little time, haven’t really given real-world benefits to their customers. We’re changing that. Working together with a new breed of smart home insurers Cocoon is able to help our customers to save their hard-earned cash while giving the peace of mind that home security brings.

The cost of protecting your home and loved ones is priceless, and together with PolicyCastle we’re putting smart home security at the centre of how we insure our homes. Smarter homes with smarter insurance, rewarding people for being responsible.  

Making it easy to save 15% on your home insurance

Cocoon’s UK customers can apply for this market leading home insurance discount by visiting the PolicyCastle website and completing a home insurance quote. To be eligible you will need to own a Cocoon – Terms and conditions apply.