New notification sound for Cocoon app

New Cocoon app notification sound for android and iOS so you never miss a smart home security alert
Cocoon Labs

The new custom notification sound from Cocoon makes your home security alerts distinctive, allowing you to respond faster should Cocoon detect something unusual at home.

The new notification sound is live in Cocoon’s latest iOS app and is coming very soon to Android.

Why create a unique notification sound?

What can be more important than knowing your home is okay?

Cocoon has always alerted you the moment it detects unusual activity in your home, with live HD video straight to your phone. But many of you told us that Cocoon notifications could get too easily lost among those from other apps.

As Kimberley, our Head of Customer Experience said: “When we first launched Cocoon, there was no audible distinction for our notifications, which meant there was no sense of urgency.”

“We created a new sound to help you distinguish your Cocoon notifications from all the rest. To know the difference between an alert about your home security and one from Facebook, to enable you to react as soon as possible, checking on your home and making sure everything is okay.“

How we created the notification sound

Compared to some of the brilliant work our technical team do, adding a custom sound for our app notifications is relatively simple. It was the creative process that proved more challenging. We wanted something that really reflected the Cocoon user experience and our brand.

Cocoon’s uses unique Subsound® technology to detect unusual activity in your home, which means that sound is core to how Cocoon works. This means that whenever we use audio it is carefully thought through. As Kimberley says: “The notification sound must feel like an integral part of the Cocoon experience.”

We looked at alerts from other apps (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter) to know what the Cocoon sound would be competing against. It needed to be different enough to stand out, unique enough to be recognisable.

Our starting point was the audio pairing sound. Remember when your phone chirps to Cocoon during setup? It’s been described by our customers as “the magic moment” during the incredibly easy installation of Cocoon. For this reason, we always intended that the pairing sound would be echoed in other areas of the Cocoon experience.

The notification sound we created takes a really small sample of the pairing audio. Slowed down and simplified. Making the notification easy to identify and linking in with the rest of your Cocoon experience.

The result? Have a listen to the audio below.

Simple, short and distinctive. We hope it catches your attention when a Cocoon alert comes through to your phone.

How it will help you

The reason for introducing a unique notification sound is to help you know when Cocoon is alerting you. With the new notification sound, we hope you see your alerts sooner so you can take action and feel safe.