We’re launching multi-Cocoon, and you’re going to love it

Cocoon Labs

Our latest Android mobile app update saw lots of exciting but invisible enhancements that will also roll out on iOS shortly. Over the last few months, our incredible development team have been working towards the launch of a feature that will, for some users, dramatically enhance how Cocoon secures their home.

The feature we’re talking about is called ‘multi-Cocoon’. Launching in December, it allows two or more Cocoon home security devices to work together in the same home. Boosting Subsound® coverage in larger homes and allowing you to see multiple Cocoon home security camera feeds in one account.

These recent enhancements are to the internal data structure within the app, allowing your mobile app to know if there’s more than one Cocoon device in your home, connecting them through the cloud to be part of your household. This means that two or more Cocoons can work together, and link with your mobile phones, to protect your home.

Why are we building the multi-Cocoon feature?

Our community of backers, customers, and now investors, keeps growing. It has become clear that they love the simplicity of our Subsound® multi-room protection technology, but also want to ‘see’ more of their home. To better connect with loved ones, check on furry-friends, and feel close to home even when they can’t be there.

When multi-Cocoon is released you’ll be able to see more of your home by having more than one Cocoon home security camera installed. This will not impact customers with just one Cocoon device. It is a bonus feature for those who want more camera coverage by using more than one Cocoon.

The power of the crowd

It’s no secret that our team believe in people-power and the benefits of listening to a community of passionate supporters. This is why we first launched the idea of Cocoon on Indiegogo, and why we opened our latest funding round on Crowdcube three years later.

Each time we’ve reached out to our community we’ve been repaid with strong support and great ideas. We listen to our customers. Ideas like multi-Cocoon, along with other cool features we have planned, are born from conversations with real people with real problems they’d like us to help solve.
Cocoon live view of the Living Room with the new multi-Cocoon update to link more than one Cocoon security camera

So, what are the new changes in the Cocoon app?

In the latest Android mobile app update, you will notice that your Cocoon now has a name throughout the app. This means that when we launch the ‘multi-Cocoon’ feature each device in your home can have a unique name. This is so you know which Cocoon security camera you are viewing.

The naming feature is being phased in. There is currently a slight difference depending on your the serial number of your Cocoon home security device:

  • If your Cocoon’s serial number starts with CS01:
    Your Cocoon is simply named Cocoon, for now. Very soon you’ll be able to name it yourself.
  • If your Cocoon’s serial number starts with CS03:
    You will be able to give your Cocoon a name already, to get the most out of this feature we’d suggest calling it after the room it sits in.

When can I get multi-Cocoon?

Multi-Cocoon is complex technology but our brilliant team are on track to have it live before you put your Christmas tree up! Keep an eye on the blog and your email to hear when it goes live, and if you have questions get in touch through the chat on our website or by emailing [email protected].