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NEW: Multi-home security from Cocoon

Multi-home security from Cocoon makes it simple to protect the people, places and things you love. Smart home technology for peace of mind
Cocoon Labs

Cocoon’s multi-home security makes it simple to protect the people, places and things you care about. For peace of mind that your home-away-from-home is safe, wherever you are. Check on your city pad, country escape, or the home of your extended family from within one beautifully designed Cocoon app.

Many of you would like to be able to use Cocoon to protect more than one place, and we wanted to make that happen. It wasn’t easy for our small team to bring multi-home security to life but, luckily, we have some brilliant technology and teams in Cocoon. Today all the hard work has paid off.

We’re proud to announce that multi-home Security from Cocoon is here!

A special shout out to Darren, one of our earliest supporters who wanted multi-home security in his Cocoon app to look after local family – We hope you like it, Darren!

What does multi-home do?

With multi-home security, you can be a part of multiple households, each protected by Cocoon. Particularly useful if there’s more than one place that you call home.

Trusted family and friends can invite you to their Cocoon Household. Once you’re a member you can come-and-go without triggering alerts and keep an eye on their home to check everything is as it should be. If you travel between homes in different places, multi-home security makes it simple to stay connected with those homes simultaneously from your Cocoon app.

Multi-home means knowing that Cocoon is looking after anywhere you call home, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

How to use multi-home security from Cocoon

It’s easy to set up new Cocoon households and switch between them in your Cocoon app. The key is the household name at the top of your screen. Tap it to easily add more places that are protected by Cocoon smart home security and to switch between your Households.

Multi-home security from Cocoon on iOS and Android, showing the mobile app, for smart home security across properties and families

We’ve made it simple to name each household, so you can easily go between “Home Sweet Home” and “Mum and Dad’s” in your Cocoon app.

Adding someone to your household is as simple as ever. Tap the menu icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Then tap Your Household, open Members and you can easily Invite another member through any text, WhatsApp, Facebook or whatever messaging app you like to use.

What you’ve got to look forward to

As well as getting the features of multi-home security live, there’s lots more we’re working on. Including smarter app notifications and user management to do things like control what members can see in your app.

But there’s a big release for smart home fans first. Cocoon already works with Amazon Alexa, but for those of you with Google home – Cocoon will soon also work with Google Assistant. (Update July 2o18: You can now control Cocoon with your voice using Google Assistant and the Google Home range, as well as Amazon Alexa.)

We’d love to hear what you think of these updates, or of any ideas you have (we add all of them to our “future features” list). You can get in touch through the live-chat on our website, by emailing [email protected], on Twitter or on Facebook.