Multi-Cocoon is improving your smart home security

Multi-Cocoon boosts Subsound and camera coverage to improve your smart home security
Cocoon Labs

In December we proudly announced the launch of our most requested feature, multi-Cocoon. It lets you add more Cocoon home security devices to your household, boosting Subsound® and camera coverage.

One month on and we’re already seeing how it’s improving the peace of mind that Cocoon’s home security gives you. Here’s what our customers have to say about how they’re using multi-Cocoon.

More visibility of my family home

Dan has two Cocoons installed in his old farmhouse. He feels much safer in being able to see more of his home through both Cocoons, and in how connected he feels to his family when away.

He told us: “We live in an old house which is far from open-plan. A single Cocoon only gave me visibility of one room, when I got an alert that could have been from another room. Whilst I could listen to audio I was sometimes still curious to see what was happening. I’ve now set up a second Cocoon in our main living room. This together with the one in the kitchen gives me HD video of the two busiest areas of our home.”

“I really love being able to flick from one room to another in the app. I can now see my 16-month-old daughter as she toddles around the house!”

Dan's Cocoons protect his farm house and connect him to his family

More reassurance that my home is safe

Parmjit has three Cocoons at home, he told us: “Viewing multiple rooms and angles during alerts, or when watching live video, gives me much more peace of mind. I know Cocoon could detect movement in my house before, but now I can see all entry points which gives me much more reassurance that my home is safe. It’s simple  to swipe between Cocoons in the app to see the other rooms in the house, and the sirens of all three Cocoons combined are deafening!”

“My wife likes having more Cocoons to see our house too, except for one thing I’m doing that’s driving her nuts! When she sends me shopping and I need to call her, but she doesn’t answer her phone, I trigger the sirens of all three Cocoons at once. That gets her attention!”

While we’d rather you weren’t deafening your family with your Cocoons, Parmjit, we’re really happy that they’re working to make you feel safe and connect you to your home while you’re away.

Robert's Cocoons let him check his dog is behaving and look out for burglars

Getting a good picture of intruders’ faces

Robert has three Cocoons at home, he told us that it gives him “a clear view of the front garden, lounge and stairs to see Angus (my dog) inevitably causing chaos. It also means I get a glimpse of my incredibly patient dog walker as he comes and goes, which is especially nice when stuck in the office. My wife and I feel safer knowing that, with smart cameras covering more of the house, we would get good pictures of intruders’ faces!”

We’re happy you like the extra cameras with multi-Cocoon Robert but hope that Cocoon’s home security can act as a deterrent so you never have to deal with a home intrusion. As Paul Barker, one of our IndieGoGo Customers recently told us in his Trustpilot review:

“It is absolutely fabulous how Cocoon works. It recently foiled a break-in before it happened, alerting me to someone trying to force open my back door whilst on holiday. This, in turn, allowed me to phone the Police to alert them.”

We explain how Cocoon works to deter burglars, to make your home safer, in this blog.

How are you finding Cocoon?

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