Multi-Cocoon boosts Subsound® and security camera coverage

Picture of the team testing out Multi-Cocoon, which boosts Subsound® and home security camera coverage
Cocoon Labs

Multi-Cocoon is our most requested feature, with many of you wanting to have more than one Cocoon home security camera in your home. Today we’re really proud to announce that multi-Cocoon is live!

This is just the beginning for multi-Cocoon and we’re seeing it as a public beta. You may experience some bugs, especially with our Android app, but rest assured that we are working hard to get an updated app, with improvements and more features, to you soon. We know many of you are keen for the ability to link more than one Cocoon in your Household, so wanted to release a version of multi-Cocoon sooner rather than later. Even if it doesn’t have the bells and whistles yet.

Unless you’re really keen to use multi-Cocoon you might prefer to wait for the next update which will be a bit more polished. If you only have one Cocoon in your home this update will not impact your app performance, so please feel free to update.

Multi-Cocoon is part of our biggest app release of 2017, which also includes the  Cocoon Amazon Alexa Skill.

What does multi-Cocoon do for you?

With multi-Cocoon you can add more Cocoon home security devices to your Household. Boosting Subsound® and camera coverage in your home, giving you even more powerful smart home security.

It’s as simple as swiping through the Cocoons in your app to see different rooms. Whether it’s an alert or live view,  you’ll get a clear HD video of each place in your home with a Cocoon security camera, night and day. As said earlier, this is our beta release, and this isn’t yet as smooth an experience as we’d like it to be but will be fixed in our next update.

Multi-Cocoon boosts Subsound® coverage

Every Cocoon has a powerful microphone inside it, detecting movement in your home through low-level sound. While a single Cocoon can sense movement in multiple rooms and floors of your home, linking together more than one will allow for more accurate detection over larger areas. Multi-Cocoon provides the perfect home security for large homes, without the hassle of installing sensors on windows and doors.

The AI that allows your Cocoon to avoid false alarms will take time to learn what’s normal for your everyday. You may receive a few more alerts when you add a new Cocoon to your Household. This is because every Cocoon has its own brain, so when first set up it needs to learn about your home. Getting up to speed with the other Cocoons in your household may take 7-10 days.

How Cocoons work together

As they work together, actions like arming Cocoon will mean that every Cocoon device in your home will stand on guard. When there’s an alert, every Cocoon linked to your Household will be capturing footage. You can swipe between the cameras in your app to view what’s happening in different parts of your home.

You will generally only get one alert if your Cocoons sense something unusual. There may be occasions when you get more than one alert from different Cocoons, this is because of something known as “a race condition”. It happens if one Cocoon hasn’t yet clocked that another Cocoon has also alerted you. We’d rather this happened, it’s safer that you receive two alerts than get no alert at all. This is to make sure that your Cocoon devices never miss an important alert.

How you can add more Cocoons

When you first install Cocoon home security you’ll be able to add more than one device. If you already have Cocoon setup, you can add new devices In the “Your Household” part of the app.

You can name each Cocoon, so you can easily spot the difference between them from within your app. We’ve been naming ours after the rooms the Cocoon is in, but you can get more creative if you’d like to!

Stay in touch

Our team are always learning and improving what we do, so you can feel safe knowing Cocoon is looking after your home. Please continue to let us know how you’re getting on, we’re on hand to help via the live chat on our website, on the email [email protected] or on Twitter and Facebook.