Mobile app release – 04/17

Cocoon Labs

We said new features were coming to your Cocoon app, and now they’re here! Read on to find out how they will improve your experience.

Introducing the ‘Cocoon Owner’

We’ve had requests for different management levels in the Cocoon app. We’ve been working on the best way to do this and our first step is to introduce Cocoon Owners. The person who first set up your Cocoon will be the Owner and will now be able to remove household members and download videos.

Downloading videos.

Cocoon has successfully captured a number of burglaries, providing evidence to police and insurance providers, as well as a few comical pet videos! Now the Owner can download these videos instantly in the app.

Remove household members.

The Owner can now add and remove members from their household. This means that Cocoon is flexible enough for when you have guests staying, or a housemate moving out.

Get new features first, help improve Cocoon.

We’re always looking for customers who are happy tell us about their experience and to try new features before they launch. Register to join our user testing group and your opinions will have a real impact on how Cocoon develops.

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Team Cocoon