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Cocoon June Update

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It feels like the first weeks of British Summer have arrived and with it comes melted ice creams, mild sunburn and the June Cocoon update.

Software Developments

We’ve reached the exciting milestone of running full Cocoon application code on the real Cocoon hardware prototype for the first time, as opposed to our development systems.

Improvements have been made to the kernel driver for our camera to enhance inter-operability with our video streaming software. This means that we’re now able to get a real “Cocoon’s eye view” of the world.

We’re also now testing the first internal release of our iOS app, at feature parity with the android app. We’re looking forward to sharing some details of the Cocoon mobile apps closer to our December shipping date.

Software Team Hidden Shot

It’s getting hot in here

When you place sensors, processors and other electronic chips into a compact device you generate lots of heat. The more you ask of the device, the more heat is generated. With the main processor running at 100% and Cocoon’s camera also running, the temperature inside the chassis quickly rises.

We’re looking at ways to not only keep Cocoon cool but maintain as high a performance as possible. Our software team are looking at how we can reduce the heat output and our mechanical design team is looking at how we can dissipate the heat better.

Not out of the Woods on WiFi

The WiFi antenna circuit has been tuned to compensate for the PCB and other components but performance in practice is not reaching the specifications in the reference design and prototype it was built from. We’re investigating why and hope to have a solution on the table in the coming weeks.

UK Manufacturing

We’re pleased to say that after an extensive selection process we’ve chosen our electronics manufacturing partner and are now working together on producing our Cocoon at scale ahead of the December 2015 shipping date.

In order to keep our build of Cocoon as efficient as possible, we’re looking to optimise the assembly time. This has included making pieces snap (rather than screw) together, and using circuit board stand-offs that can be placed by machine rather than by hand. We’re also designing jigs to make it faster to apply fabric accurately to Cocoon.

Pre-Compliance testing

Nick and Paul spent a full day bombarding Cocoon with radio waves at a professional testing centre in the North of England in order to meet technical and safety standards. We’re pleased to say that Cocoon passed the first stage of pre-compliance testing with flying colours ahead of our Wifi testing that begins next week.

Cocoon EM Testing Laser

As always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Team Cocoon.