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Cocoon July Update

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We’ve been working hard to navigate our way through the hardware issues before people head off for the summer holidays with their families. It’s time for the Cocoon July Update.

Out of the woods on WiFi

Great news; we now have Cocoon’s WiFi performing to our specification. Cocoon WiFi is now achieving the expected performance and exceeding the performance of other devices in our test environment.

Over the last two months we have been working with our WiFi module chip vendor to root out and resolve the problem. The next step will be to collect performance data from a variety of different environments in the closed user trial to ensure that Cocoon’s WiFi performance is reliable when used at scale.

The image below shows signal strength in dB. The lower negative figure the better.

Cocoon WiFi image

Hot design

As we say goodbye to our brief heatwave so too does Cocoon. Cocoon’s internal electronics generate excess heat as it goes about protecting your home. During June and July we’ve prototyped a number of different physical internal designs that allow heat from Cocoon’s components to escape. The preferred design uses subtle vents underneath Cocoon and a narrow space around the aluminium ring at the top, which allows convection of air over a heat sink and keeps the components at reliable working temperatures.

The graph below shows that the key temperature (yellow) has reduced by 15°C as a result of the enhancements.

Cocoon July Temperature

Rounded design

It may seem like a small change but we’re absolutely obsessed with design detail. The Cocoon base has evolved as we’ve tested and learned over the past year. Our base allows you to position Cocoon at an angle that suits your home, whilst also offering excellent support for the device itself. The current design not only provides more effective support but also prevents the device from rubbing against the base.

Cocoon Rounded Base


We’ve made significant progress on the “what came before the alert” video streaming system. With live video streaming already working, we hope to have integration of the motion sensor into Cocoon’s monitoring and alerting system completed before the end of the month.

User testing

We had 4 more rounds of usability testing in July, where we invited people to Cocoon HQ to carry out tasks using our prototypes and designs. We focused on a range of areas including the Cocoon activity timeline and the information architecture of the app. This insight is now informing changes and amends to our designs.

Shipping date

We’ve had some technical challenges to overcome in the past few months and we’re expecting more as we break new ground. Cocoon is an innovation and a lot of what we develop hasn’t been done before, particularly on the software side of our business. We’re currently still aiming for shipping in December of this year for our Indiegogo backers.

We feel it’s important to be honest and open with our supporters, continuing to do so at every stage of our development.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.