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This Morning: Cocoon keeps your home safe during summer holidays

Keeping your home safe while you're away on summer holiday, with security tips and gadgets from ITV's This Morning
Cocoon Labs

This week, Cocoon featured on national television as part of This Morning. The ITV show hit 1.2 million viewers in January 2018, aligning the innovative smart home security gadget with trusted household names, including the hosts Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and Alice Beer.

The hosts of This Morning were highlighting how to security proof your home to keep it safe if you’re going away this Summer holiday season. Shown live on the morning of 16th July, they featured a selection of gadgets including a smart plug socket to remotely control lamps and radios, Ring’s smart doorbell, Masterlock’s digital key safe and Cocoon’s smart home security system.

Summer holiday burglaries

During warmer Summer months, residents in the UK enjoy getting out to make the most of the sunshine, opening windows wide and having holidays with family and friends. Whether those are staycations or somewhere further afield, it means many homes are left empty and vulnerable, resulting in an increasing number of burglaries during the month of July.

With this in mind, it was great to see such a popular television show as ITV’s This Morning, offering advice and making people aware of simple things they can do to protect their home.

How to keep your home safe while on holiday

Answering the question, “How do you make sure your house is kept secure?”, Alice Beer shows some of the latest home security gadgets, from quick cheap fixes to high-end technology. She also shared some helpful tips on putting burglars off breaking into your home. We offer advice on the Cocoon blog that supports what she says, deterrence is key and there are many simple ways to make your home less appealing to burglars.

Some of the simple tips mentioned by Alice on This Morning, include:

  • Ensuring your letters don’t pile up on your doormat while you’re away, it’s a clear signal of an empty home to inquisitive thieves
  • Closing and locking windows and doors, while this sounds obvious, it’s easy to forget – especially during warm weather
  • Do not post on social media about being away, you’ll be tipping off burglars and those summer snaps can wait until you get back!

See your home from a sun lounger

Keeping your home safe while you’re on holiday really can be simple. As Alice says, “you can be lying on your sun lounger, by the pool, and looking at what’s going on in your house!” Cocoon’s smart home security camera “senses movement throughout your house” – not just in the room it’s in. Combined with its machine learning, Cocoon is smart enough to know when to alert you. If something triggers the security system it streams live HD video straight to your phone.

For home security without the hassle, Cocoon connects you to your home through your phone. So you know everything is safe, even while you’re away enjoying the Summer sun or relaxing by a swimming pool.

Watch “how to keep your home holiday safe” on ITV’s This Morning.