How your reviews inspire us

A word cloud of the customer reviews that inspire Cocoon's team
Cocoon Labs

What is it that inspires you every day? For the team at Cocoon, there are a few things. A shared sense of curiosity, a desire to solve problems with smart technology, and a fascination in science. But the most important and influential inspiration is hearing from our customers, especially when they’re saying that Cocoon is helping them to feel safe.

All our hard work feels worthwhile when we get a positive message or review on Amazon or Trustpilot, motivating us to get that next feature or update out. The image above is a word cloud, the bigger the word the more it appears in Cocoon’s recent customer reviews. We know we’re doing something right when the most featured words include excellent, great, service, easy, simple and recommend.

There are stories behind the words and customers behind the stories. We wanted to share a few with you.

Preventing burglaries while you’re on holiday

Paul Barker was one of our earliest customers. Backing us on IndieGoGo when we first launched the idea of Cocoon in December 2014. He was away on holiday recently when his Cocoon came into its own. It sent him an alert so he sounded the alarm and prevented a burglary at home. He writes about it on Trustpilot:

I would recommend this company and their products to anyone. I have one of the original Cocoon products that I backed on [IndieGoGo]. It is still going strong today. It is absolutely fabulous how Cocoon works. It foiled a break-in before it happened, alerting me to someone trying to force open my back door whilst on holiday. This, in turn, allowed me to phone the Police to alert them. I also have a Cocoon to cover my office at work.

Simple home security, no matter how big the house

Morry had a few questions about his new Cocoon, so got in touch. We were really happy that he later said “the support I received has been nothing short of exemplary. All issues are solved with a smile.” He left us a review saying how effective our unique Subsound® technology was in detecting movement anywhere in his large home, writing on Amazon:

The product is an amazing innovation and the subsound technology works amazingly well. I have one Cocoon set up on the main floor of our 3,400 square foot house (plus a 1,600 square foot basement), thats 5,000 square feet and my Cocoon catches everything, it’s really quite amazing.

In my opinion this little ball of high tech outperforms most much higher priced options and is easily the best value for your piece of mind. I could not recommend this product more highly if it was my own company.

Looking after homes around the world

Cocoon is now protecting homes in 65 countries around the world, and it’s always exciting to hear from people far from our office who are using Cocoon. Chloe was our first Canadian customer, she shares her love of Cocoon across numerous platforms including writing this on Amazon:

This little contraption is more than just an amazing security device, it’s truly a one system set-up that does all I want & need. Very neat design, classy and elegant.

Small and simple, literally the size of a cricket ball. Great little company and the customer service rocks!!

Building a British business in a global market

Reviews are important, not just for our inspiration, for letting us know what needs improving or in helping other people find out more about Cocoon (though they do help with those things!). Every positive review is important because it helps us to compete against global companies with millions of dollars in investment.

Many of you have told us that you believe our technology is superior to that of our American competitors. We’re a small startup that’s growing fast, working hard to build a sustainable British business from our office in Leeds. Your positive reviews help us to compete at a global level. Counting for much more than investment, they prove the technology we’ve worked so hard to get right does deliver on its promises, and that we really do look after our customers.

If you believe in Cocoon, please tell the world.

It only takes you a moment and really makes a difference to us. Simply visit the Amazon or Trustpilot review page, click on the stars and pop in your thoughts.