We’re putting privacy at the heart of home security

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Your privacy and security are of paramount importance. From the very first moment Cocoon burst into existence we’ve put your privacy first. Our team have high-level experience in the world’s leading internet security companies, including McAfee and Trend Micro, and that expertise means that firewalls and encryption are just the basic layers of Cocoon’s security. The way it works also means you can relax at home in privacy, feeling safe in the knowledge that Cocoon is there for you.

Prior to launch, an external security company tested our systems for weaknesses. The concluding report declared that “the Cocoon device and its supporting services have been developed to a high standard. It is clear that the technology team and developers within the organisation have a high degree of knowledge with regard to information security issues“.

We believe that security shouldn’t cost you your privacy. See 8 ways Cocoon secures your privacy below.

Cocoon offers home security that's smart, simple and designed to protect what you care about most while respecting your privacy.

8 Ways Cocoon Secures Your Privacy

1.  Auto arm/disarm. Cocoon automatically activates alerts when you leave home, and disables them when you get home. This means Cocoon is not only hassle free, but also that your home life stays private.

2.  Minimal Cloud Storage. Cocoon only pushes data to the cloud when there’s an alert or you stream live video. Everything else is stored locally in 30 second cycles, with old data continually burnt over. If there’s an alert the previous 20 seconds are also sent to the cloud to make sure you never miss a thing.

3.  You’ll know if they’re peeking! If someone in your household live streams video then the LED light on your Cocoon will start flashing so, if you’re in the room, you can say hello!

4.  No extra sensors. Cocoon uses Subsound® so doesn’t need cameras and sensors in other rooms. It listens for sound waves inaudible to humans, that travel throughout rooms and floors, so can protect your whole home without listening and watching your every move.

5.  Encryption. This is the more technical bit, but is vital for privacy and security. Your video is encrypted at rest and in transmission (256bit AES). All communications from your Cocoon to our servers are over https encrypted links and no inward connections are allowed.

6.  Your phone is key. The Cocoon app is where you’ll receive alerts but also is the access key to your encrypted data. Cocoon never stores your access keys, that’s a private link between your Cocoon and your household’s phones, so you can be sure it’s secure.

7.  It’s all inside Cocoon. Your Cocoon learns the sounds of your home to minimise false alarms. No data or analysis ever leaves your household, it all happens inside your Cocoon.

8.  Penetration testing. It’s important that we don’t have the final say, so we regularly get external security companies to test our systems to make sure your privacy is as secure as possible!

If you have any thoughts, questions or feedback we’re here to help so please do get in touch via email or our website’s live chat.