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Cocoon February Update

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Since the start of the year we’ve been 100% focused on delivering Cocoon, and this has meant that we’ve had little time to rest. We’re furiously developing Cocoon’s software, setting up for hardware production and growing our team. It’s an exciting (and exhausting) time!

Hot in hardware.

We’re pretty much ready for hardware to go into mass production and expect to deliver our first higher volume units later this month, with a small number of units in March and a significant increase in April to meet the orders of our earliest supporters. A number of automated test fixtures have been produced for the larger production runs so that we can accommodate the growth in production.
Cocoon home security.
Most the final Cocoon components are now with Nick’s hardware development team in the Leeds office, narrowly missing the Chinese New Year holidays. This means that we don’t expect any delays to our shipping date of April 2016.

Sharp in software.

Cloud Video Streaming.

We’re putting polish on our cloud video streaming, which sees Cocoon pull recorded alerts securely from the cloud. Customers can expect to see live HD video of alerts and 30 seconds of HD video leading up to the event!

Cocoon home security device mobile security app pictures.

Subsound™ – Feeling safe at home.

We’ve been expanding our test data set continually so we now have a much larger number of active Cocoon trialists supporting the refinement of Subsound detection (well over a year worth of real Subsound data now). This means that we have been able to enhance our machine learning models, chiefly with the aim of increasing robustness and false positive reduction. We’ll continue to make improvements as the number of Cocoon trial users increases!

Subsound 101 – Subsound is the technology that we’ve developed to sense activity throughout the home, and it works by combining infrasound detection, machine learning and the location service on your smartphone to decide whether or not to trigger an alert. Because Cocoon uses sound it means that it can protect a much larger area than other smart home security devices. The image below is a glimpse into the ‘brain’ of a Cocoon.

Here you can see data from a trial user’s home (Cocoon team member) which shows Cocoon identifying members of the household coming and going, automatically activating and deactivating without triggering any false alerts! Note – alerts are muted when the user is at home.

Cocoon home security subsound data picture

Cocoon is growing!

Ash – This month we welcomed Ash, who leads our digital marketing efforts at Cocoon! At the tender age of 16 Ash founded his first business and last year he successfully exited the online advertising platform that he founded, coded and lead!

Ash, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Charlie – A welcome addition to the device team, Charlie is here to work on the platform code for the Cocoon itself. A recent graduate from York in CS with AI, Charlie is here to bring the intelligence factor.

Charlie, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Michael – Also arriving in early January, Michael brought his considerable python skills to team Cocoon. Not only has Michael demonstrated his engineering capabilities, he’s also helped name one of our internal microservices, which shares his son’s name, and just so happens to be a species of moth…

Michael, Cocoon home security device alarm system mobile security app.

Piotr – Our newest Android developer. Piotr joined us early on the in the new year all the way from Poland and is helping to test and implement key features in the Cocoon Android app.

Tim – The start of February saw us welcome two new starters, one of which was Tim, an iOS developer. He hit the ground running and is already earning his stripes in helping to deliver a key milestone for our video playback functionality.

Upscale – fastest growing startups in the UK.

If you’re a regular visitor to the Cocoon blog, you’ll have seen that we’ve been selected to join Tech City UK’s Upscale programme, powering 30 of the fastest growing UK tech companies!

Upscale comes hot on the heels of Tech City UK’s FutureFifty programme, which supported the likes of Graze,, Shazam, and Transferwise as they exploded into life over the past few years.

We’re all really excited to be part of this great group of startups looking to share ideas, learn new ways of doing things and ultimately pass that back to our customers in the form of a fantastic product and brand. This is why Upscale makes sense for Cocoon, and why we’re committing our team to supporting it.

Cocoon has been chosen by the expert Upscale judging panel as they feel we represent emerging digital business with the most potential for rapid scale and international growth. Pretty cool, right!

Cocoon Home Security Tech City Upscale

We’ll be posting regularly but always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, and if you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.

Thank you,

Team Cocoon.