Dogs, dancing and more busted by Cocoon

Busted by Cocoon, much more than smart home security, Cocoon connects you to your home for comedy and comfort
Cocoon Labs

We’ve always known that Cocoon is much more than smart home security. Through your phone it connects you to your home, giving you peace of mind. Whether that’s to see the home comforts you’re missing while away, checking if your pets are behaving themselves or seeing if your cleaner has arrived.

Here are some of our favourite moments and characters from the Cocoons we have in our homes. The comical, cute and cheesy.

Missing the Christmas lights

Before we launched Cocoon, we ran product trials in people’s homes and it was one of our trial participants, Julia Gray, who first commented how nice it felt to be able to see her home all decked up for Christmas. Work was busy and she was often stuck working late at the office. But by opening her Cocoon app and tapping “Watch live” she could see the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree in her sitting room.

Being stuck at the office wasn’t so bad when, at any time, she could see the festive cheer of home on her phone. She was using the Cocoon app to lift her Christmas spirit.

Creative box fort security

Innes has two young daughters who love adventures. Whether that’s going on bear hunts, pretending that they’re travelling in distant lands or building dens by hanging sheets around chairs. With Christmas deliveries, there were lots of big boxes at home so they upgraded their den. Instead of making a tent from sheets they made a cosy box fort.

While their dad was excited about the new multi-Cocoon feature, Lila and Ivy were more excited about installing security into their new (boxy) home. Adorned with fairy lights, Cocoon’s night vision worked to make sure they could keep an eye on their very own cardboard home.

Muddy paw prints

Angus is a naughty dog at the best of times, so his parents have to take precautions. There’s a gate on the stairs to stop him venturing upstairs, where all the clean things are kept. If that gate’s left open Angus likes to explore, even if he’s just got back from a muddy walk.

Ted is nearly as naughty as Angus. He knows he’s not allowed on the sofa but it’s the comfiest spot in the house. As soon as his parents turn their back he makes himself snug on the cream cushions.

Neither Ted or Angus counted on Cocoon busting them.

Disco dancing visitors

Giving a friend your keys to collect something from your flat can end comically if they know about your Cocoon, they might leave you a video message.

James was popping by a friend’s flat to grab some things for an event. He knew that opening the front door would trigger Cocoon and send his friend an alert. Why wouldn’t he pull out his best dance moves?!

Share your Cocoon videos

These are just a few of the fun moments busted by Cocoon so far. Have you got videos and photos that have made you smile? If you share on social media don’t forget to tag us, we’d love to see them!