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Home is where you should feel safe and comfortable, it’s your personal space and where you keep your most sentimental possessions, and there’s good news in that homes are getting safer. According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, domestic burglary is going down. One reason for this is the growing availability of home security systems which really work to deter thieves.

Does deterrence really work?

A report by Dr. Joseph B. Kuhns of the University of North Carolina includes opinions from more than 400 imprisoned burglars, and their consensus is startling. More than 83 percent of the offenders would try to determine if an alarm was present before a burglary to see if they should find an alternative target. 81% of both professional and opportunistic burglars said that on identifying an alarm or surveillance system they were likely to retreat.

This data isn’t unique, study after study has found that the vast majority of burglars avoid homes with an alarm system. They are the single most effective deterrent against burglary. In fact, homes that don’t have a security system in place are 300% more likely to be targeted by burglars. 

Feel safe, not fearful

It’s a sad fact of life that burglary happens, but we like to think practically seeing it as a problem to solve rather than something to be scared of. These statistics make it clear that looking after your home by deterring thieves can be simple, especially with the availability of security solutions like Cocoon. The award winning design means it’s stylish enough to have clearly visible, and the alarm is 90+db (that’s really loud, it’s tested in our office regularly!). Both its visibility and the deafening siren act as deterrents to protect your home from burglary. With 88% of burglaries unplanned and opportunistic this sort of interruption will make the culprit flee, fast.

3 tips to deter thieves

1) Don’t give easy access

Keep ladders locked out of sight, and make sure garden furniture and big plant pots aren’t near your windows. There’s no need to give them a leg-up!

Security tips from Cocoon, to deter thieves and keep your home safe. Don't give burglars easy access.
(Photo credit – Nathan Bittinger)

2) Get a small dog

Though might think a large dog would be a great deterrent, acting as your loyal guard dog to scare theives, small dogs are actually better. Convicted burglars said that small “yapping” dogs were far riskier, and more likely to deter them, because “they never shut up”. 
(Yes, we are giving you an excuse to get a puppy!)

Security tips from Cocoon, to deter thieves and keep your home safe. Small dogs make better guard dogs.
(Photo credit: University of Liverpool, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences)


3) Be a good neighbour

Being friends with locals is about more than borrowing milk and sugar. If your neighbours know who should and shouldn’t be at your home then they can call out anything suspicious. Community spirit can really make a neighbourhood safer, so ask them to look out for you, and in turn, look out for them.

Security tips from Cocoon, to deter thieves and keep your home safe. Make friends with your neighbours.
(Image credit: @wewon31)

Alarms are the most effective deterrent

These are useful tricks but, as London’s Metropolitan Police say, alarms are “undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary”. Cocoon works as a deterrent. It is a complete home security system and burglar alarm in a single device, with the reassurance of being able to check in on your home at any time. Using patented Subsound® technology it is  powerful enough to protect your whole home whether that’s a city apartment, a five story townhouse or a sprawling suburban bungalow, but also flexible enough to suit both short term rents and long term homeowners. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to set up, so you have peace of mind in minutes.

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