Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the Smart Home

Cocoon Labs

Internet of Things, Smart home

When you make a house your home, it develops its own rhythm. For some people it’s a peaceful silence, a gentle hum, for other people it’s a manic school run every morning. Where technology only used to play along to this soundtrack, we’re now entering a time when devices like your fridge could be actively listening to it. We’re entering the age of the smart home. So how comfortable are you with smart technology?

Home security, are you in control?

We feel anxious when situations are beyond our control. Think back, for example, to a time when you’ve chosen to let the dog off the lead, compared to when the cheeky thing’s made a run for it while you had your back turned. The reality is not so different – the dog’s having a great time – but in the first instance you chose to let it happen, confident he would come back as soon as you call.

From a psychological perspective, we don’t even have to be in control to feel at ease, we just need to believe we are. However, as smart technology becomes more prevalent in our homes, we need more than just perceived control.

The smartest smart home technology has top security in its software.

In a quest to bring the internet of things into every home as quickly (and cheaply) as possible, many manufacturers are cutting costs by focusing on the hardware and neglecting the software. The hardware is the bit that’s simpler to understand – does it look good enough to be part of your home?

Software issues can be more challenging. Last week thousands of ‘smart’ devices were hacked in a worldwide cyber security breach which hit major websites like twitter and Reddit. It turns out that a lot of the low-budget products on the market use default passwords and can’t be updated with software patches when vulnerabilities are discovered.

Making the smart home secure.

However, the smartest smart devices, like Cocoon, protect you by protecting themselves. Focusing on security is how we’ve been able to make sure that the technology that protects your space doesn’t also put it in jeopardy. It’s adaptable, and it keeps you in control of your home, your data, and your security.

Given that your home is the most important place in your life – the space of your family, pets, sounds, silence, memories, and future – you want it to be safe and comfortable. It is possible to ride the wave of innovation by finding smart home technology that suits you, making your life simple and more secure. Cocoon is an example of technology designed to do just that.

Technology in your home that makes your life simpler

If you have any questions about Cocoon, and how we ensure the very best levels of security, let us know. We’re here to help and love hearing from you. Email us on [email protected], or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.