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Cocoon Launches Whole Home Security

Cocoon Labs


LONDON, November 3rd 2014: Smart home security device Cocoon (, which learns the daily rhythms of a user’s home and uses its groundbreaking SUBSOUND™ technology to detect intruders anywhere in the home, launches today on Indiegogo.

The size of a tennis ball but packed with powerful sensors, a built in camera, night vision and an internet connection, Cocoon learns the normal patterns of your household and using SUBSOUND™ technology can detect intruders anywhere in the home. Cocoon recognises what is normal activity, and continues to learn changes over time, and can send alerts straight to your smartphone to notify you of unusual activity so you can take action and feel safe.

Cocoon can detect low frequency sounds below 20Hz (infrasound), which are undetectable to the human ear, and learn what counts as normal in your home, all as part of its unique SUBSOUND technology. This means that just one Cocoon can detect intruders even through closed doors and in other rooms in the home.

Setup is simple: just plug in Cocoon and download the app, and Cocoon learns the rest, in order to protect your whole home using just one small but incredibly smart device.

There’s no need to ever set Cocoon. It fits in with your life, always protecting your home and is smart enough to learn who should and shouldn’t be there. Your smartphone is linked to Cocoon so when you leave the house, Cocoon keeps you connected to your home and when you arrive back, Cocoon knows that the sound waves from the front door opening are caused by you and not an intruder.

Cocoon was founded by a group of serial technology entrepreneurs in the UK with a mission to make people feel safer, by putting people back at the centre of their home security. They are raising $100,000 (around £62,000) on Indiegogo to fund the production of the Cocoon devices. Cocoon is offering an early bird special of $179 (£111) for the device to the first 100 early adopters and $249 (£159) for the next 200 and $299 thereafter. The RRP is expected to be $399.

Cocoon co-founder Sanjay Parekh explained: “Cocoon means never having to remember to arm anything, being able to come and go as you please without false alarms and being able to check in with your home whether you are at the office, on holiday or just on a night out with friends. No unwelcome surprises.”

Co-founder Dan Conlon added: “Traditional security is broken, there are too many false alarms so people stop using it and nobody takes notice of a siren. Security today is about people. It’s about knowing who should and shouldn’t be there.”

“Cocoon would alert you if your teenage daughter invited people over while you were away, or even if Santa was arriving down the chimney. Cocoon is the only device to keep your whole home safe with one device.”

Cocoon’s crowdfunding campaign launches today on Indiegogo:

Product Details
Cocoon Device:
· HD camera with night vision & wide angle lens
· Motion detector
· High quality microphone
· Speaker
· Siren
· LED status lighting
· Built-in Wifi
· UK/Europe/North America compatibility

Mobile App Features
· Live-stream video & sensor data
· Media archive

[video, audio]

· Notifications straight to your mobile
· Automatically switches alarm on or off depending where you are
· Several family members can be set up on Cocoon

Availability & Pricing

Cocoon is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for 35 days at the introductory price of 200 units at 35% discount ($249 / £155), thereafter 25% discount ($299 / £189) from the projected retail price of $399 (£249). The campaign is to gauge consumer demand and collect feedback from early adopters. Supporters will have early access to the Cocoon device to provide feedback and help guide the app development process as the company ramps up to a wider release.

Cocoon is expected to ship in Q4, 2015.

Indiegogo Campaign
After working prototypes since the start of 2014, the Cocoon team is raising $100,000 in funds purely for tooling and production of devices in the UK. A Indiegogo campaign launches today, and Cocoon is offering an early bird special of $179 for the device to the first 100 early adopters and $249 for the next 200 and $299 thereafter. Cocoon will retail at the anticipated price of $399.

To learn more about Cocoon, visit the site

About Cocoon
Cocoon is a UK-based technology startup with a mission to make homes safer by putting people at the centre of home security. Founded by experts with experience in security, software and hardware design, the Cocoon team’s first product is a teacup sized, easy to set up, smart security device that senses activity throughout the home. Cocoon is ideal for both tenants or homeowners, needs no additional sensors and can be securely controlled via smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Cocoon launches on Indiegogo on November 3rd, 2014.

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