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Cocoon Home Security Partners With Zurich Home Insurance

Cocoon Labs


Cocoon is today proud to announce a partnership with Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. (VTX: ZURN).

By teaming our smart home security system with Zurich’s trusted home insurance offering, we hope to give our UK customers greater peace of mind while saving them money on their home insurance.

Smarthome Security that saves you money on your home insurance - Zurich and Cocoon partnership

Words from our CEO

“This partnership helps us to reward those who take a smarter approach to protect their home and loved ones”, said Sanjay Parekh, Cocoon’s CEO. “Cocoon offers a smart, effortless  home security technology helping everyone secure their home. Cocoon’s unique Subsound® technology, using machine learning and sound wave detection, makes it incredibly simple for homeowners and renters to protect a whole home in minutes. There’s no need for professional installation, and can all be controlled through their smartphone.

“Working together, Zurich and Cocoon offer the kind of assurance and protection needed for increasingly connected homes. It puts people in control of their home security and means we can all feel safe while going about our daily lives. We’re excited to be working with one of the most trusted names in home insurance to reimagine  home security.”

How it works

By purchasing a Cocoon to better protect their home, new Zurich UK customers will receive a 10% discount on Zurich’s home insurance (Simply speak to your insurance broker and quote your Cocoon serial number). When bought at the same time there will be an exclusive discount of £50 for Zurich customers who purchase a Cocoon. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Working in a traditional industry, Zurich is embracing the move towards a connected home and the benefits it can bring customers. The control Cocoon offers customers in their home security, and the strong security background of Cocoon’s founding team, makes this partnership a great fit for Zurich’s mission: helping customers to understand and protect themselves from risk.

“This is an exciting time to be partnering with such a pioneering business”, commented Helen Jales, Head of Innovation at Zurich.

With 76% of Brits admitting to ignoring burglar alarms (source) solutions like Cocoon, that put homeowners in control, should not only mean greater peace of mind but also reduced insurance premiums. This partnership is the beginning of a movement towards rewarding the customer for better protecting their home.

Save on your household insurance

For more information, please speak to your insurance broker or purchase a Cocoon now.