Hands-free home security with Cocoon and Amazon Alexa

You can now have hands-free smart home security with Cocoon and Amazon Alexa
Cocoon Labs

You can now talk to your Cocoon using Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Our mission at Cocoon is to make it simple for you to feel that your home and loved ones are safe. We’re really excited that Cocoon now works with Amazon Alexa and Echo devices. Making Cocoon’s powerful and reliable home security even easier to use.

Integrating with Amazon Alexa, and the range of Amazon Echo devices, means you can manage your home security hands-free. Alexa connects to Cocoon so that you can use your voice to control Cocoon or ask for information about your home. Putting home security at the tip of your tongue.

Alexa, what can Cocoon do for me?

  • Alexa, tell Cocoon to arm
    If you’re at home and you want an extra level of security, simply ask Alexa to arm your Cocoon.  Making it easy to arm your Cocoon at bedtime, so you can rest easy knowing Cocoon is on guard.
  • Alexa, tell Cocoon to sound the siren
    If you’re home alone and hear something unusual you can sound Cocoon’s 90DB built-in siren, simply by asking Alexa.Update: You can ask Alexa to stop the siren too. Once you have asked to sound the siren, Alexa will say ‘OK. Let me know when to stop’ and will listen for your reply. This will only work if you started the siren with Alexa, so if you’re away from home and choose to sound the siren via your Cocoon app, anyone in your home will not be able to ask Alexa to stop the siren. You can, off course, still stop the siren in the Cocoon app.
  • Alexa, ask Cocoon about…
    Learn more about Cocoon by asking Alexa. Find out about Subsound® technology, how Cocoon uses AI to avoid false alarms and what the different coloured lights on the front mean.

Our team have been speaking with many people using Cocoon and Amazon Echo over the past year,  and these features are what you most wanted to be able to do while at home. This is our very first release for Amazon Alexa, there are more exciting features and updates coming soon.

What Cocoon and Alexa won’t do.

Security is at the heart of what we do, including making exciting new features like this Alexa Skill. Rest assured that disarming your Cocoon home security will never be as simple as saying “Alexa, disarm Cocoon”. There will always be tight security on such an important action. This is to prevent the risk of Cocoon being accidentally disarmed by someone in your Household or maliciously disarmed by an intruder.

How do I enable the Cocoon Alexa Skill

There are 2 steps to enabling the Alexa Skill. Each device needs to connect to the another, like a handshake, authenticating that they can work securely together.

  1. Open your Cocoon app and visit the “Household details” screen. There is a section for “Smart home” where you can “Login with Amazon”.
  2. Open your Alexa App or log in on the Amazon website, where you can search for Cocoon and then enable the Cocoon skill.

Complete these two steps and your Cocoon will work with your Amazon Alexa device.

So, what next?

We’re excited that Cocoon customers can now have hands free home security, by talking to their Amazon Echo devices. We’re hoping this makes home security a more natural part of your daily life.

This is the very first release in our Alexa Skill and we worked hard to prioritise the most requested features. We’ll be adding more features soon. We’d love to hear how you get on with Cocoon’s new Alexa skill and any ideas you have for future features to make your home security simpler. You can email [email protected] or get in touch in the comments below!

The Amazon Alexa Skill is part of our biggest app release of 2017, which also includes multi-Cocoon to boost your security camera and Subsound® coverage at home.