Krack Attack – Cocoon is secure

Cocoon Labs

This week, news of the KRACK attack on WPA2 WiFi security was announced. News sites like TechCrunch and Wired have been helping to make people aware of the vulnerability to home WiFi routers running WPA2.  As a result, people in the Cocoon community have been in touch with us, keen to understand how it might affect the security of their Cocoon system.

The short answer is: Cocoon’s security is unaffected, but we thought we’d offer more detail in this post to give some comfort. Also, we love to talk about the great work our team does in building security measures into our home security devices.

What is the KRACK attack?

The KRACK attack potentially allows attackers who are physically near your WiFi network to break the encryption on your network. A successful attack would allow an attacker to examine, and in some cases alter, the data transported on your WiFi network.

It is worth noting that this requires someone to be within the range of your WiFi network. The attack does not allow someone on the other side of the world to do anything they shouldn’t.

Here’s a simple video from the BBC News explaining the KRACK attack in under a minute.

Why isn’t Cocoon affected?

The data sent and received by your Cocoon smart home security system doesn’t just travel over your local WiFi network. That data also travels securely to cloud servers used to host your video and coordinate the communication between your phones and your Cocoon. Your data is protected throughout every step of this process, and Cocoon has always used HTTPS encryption for all data transfer.

This means that even if an attacker uses the KRACK attack to examine or attempt to modify the data on your local WiFi, the Cocoon data is protected by another layer of encryption.

What do I need to do?

We worry about security, so you don’t have to. Cocoon is protected without you having to do anything. You can defend other devices on your network against the KRACK attack by updating your router or WiFi access point. In some cases, this will be done for you automatically by your ISP but it’s best to check with your provider to make sure.

Have you been affected by KRACK?

If you have questions about our response to KRACK, general questions about Cocoon or you just want to talk about home security, please let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to help!

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