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Cocoon October update

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It’s hard not to begin every “Cocoon Update” with something along the lines of “We’ve had a really busy month here at Cocoon.” Recently it’s been no different.

Following our launch we have shipped Cocoons to our indiegogo backers and early supporters. Most backers have received their Cocoons but if you are still waiting for your Cocoon contact us hereCocoons are now available to buy on our website, through Zurich UK’s Home Insurance, and on both and

Available on Amazon.

From day one you’ve told us you’d like to get Cocoon on Amazon, and now you can!
Cocoon is available to purchase on both and In the UK we’re part of the Launchpad programme,  a curated “place to discover unique and unexpected products from today’s brightest startups”.

Image of our team excited that Cocoon, smart home security, is now available on Amazon
We were pretty excited to go live on Amazon

Have your say!

We’re proud to be averaging 8.4/10 on Trustpilot and are already seeing lots of comments on Amazon and in the iOS and Android app stores. Thank you to all of you who’ve taken the time to leave a review.  We read each and every one of them and, whether positive or otherwise, it guides us in what’s working and what we need to improve.

Add your voice, leave a review of Cocoon on , or Trustpilot. We’d love hearing from you!

Extreme packing.

Cocoons are now all over the world, in 55 countries. It’s important that our packaging withstands the journey from our warehouses to your home so that every Cocoon arrives looking shiny and new. To achieve this our packaging must be as robust as possible.

Our team have created a new packaging to better protect Cocoons in transit, and make sure they are delivered looking great. We had to test this packaging worked as it should, and co-founder Dan did so in quite a dramatic way. Watch the video of Dan testing Cocoons to destruction.

Dan dropping Cocoons to see what damage is caused to the packaging and our precious smarthome security devices.
Cocoon’s packaging upgrade

Winners: British Engineering Excellence Awards

The design of Cocoon was created with the help of ByteSnap. Together we were nominated as Design Team of the Year in the esteemed British Engineering Excellence Awards. In a year with a record-breaking number of entries, it was an honour to be shortlisted. We were thrilled to be declared the winners on the night.

Thank you ByteSnap for being a pleasure to work with, and to The BEEAs for recognising our design.

Photo of all the winners in the 2016 BEEAs
All the winners of the 2016 British Engineering Excellence Awards

Cocoon in the news

Since launching you may have seen some of our amazing press coverage. Cocoon has been in the Financial Times, T3 Magazine, City AM and many insurance, security and tech publications.

One article we especially like is in The Memo. It highlights issues with many smart home products currently being developed, declaring Cocoon as one of only two products doing things right. London journalist Alex Wood explains how Cocoon is “Saving smart homes from the gutter”.

Cocoon, saving smart homes from the gutter
Cocoon, saving smart homes from the gutter (Photo credit: Joel Penner)

App updates

The focus of our team is now on improving our app user experience and adding features to make sure Cocoon delivers what you want. Each app update reflects feedback we’ve received. We believe security shouldn’t cost you your privacy. We bake that belief into everything we do, so you can rest assured that we’ve incorporated rigorous security measures into the app software.

Thank you

We want to say thank you for your continued support, and to remind you that we are always here if you want to say hello.