Amazon Alexa Skill launching soon

You can now have hands-free smart home security with Cocoon and Amazon Alexa
Cocoon Labs

Our mission at Cocoon is to make it simple for everyone to feel safe at home. Today we’re excited to announce a big step forward. The Cocoon Amazon Alexa Skill will be launching in the coming months.

Imagine the simplicity of controlling your home security with your voice. Home security used to mean an ugly keypad by your door, punching in a code as you came and went, with frequent false alarms and expensive installation ruining the look of your home. Since we first launched on Indiegogo in 2014, Cocoon’s unique multi-room protection technology has been making it easier for people around the world to secure their homes. Now, in 2017 there’s change in the air again. With Amazon Alexa and Cocoon, protecting your home is about to get even easier.

Amazon’s voice control technology is changing the way people interact with their home and many Cocoon customers have embraced this change. Since the launch of Amazon Echo last year our community has been requesting an integration with Alexa. It’s no secret that our team listen, taking on board feedback as we plan the future for Cocoon.

And now, we’re excited to announce that our team are hard at work, building a Cocoon Skill for Amazon Alexa. In the coming months, Echo, Dot or Amazon Alexa gadget users will be able to control Cocoon home security with their voice.

What will I be able to do with Cocoon and Alexa?

There are many ways that integrating with Alexa will make Cocoon an even more hassle-free way to protect your home. This may be saying “Alexa, arm my Cocoon” as you turn off your bedside light. Or it could be sounding the siren without having to unlock your phone. If you have any ideas for features you’d like to see, we’d love to hear them. Simply pop them in the comments below and we’ll take them on board in addition to our customer research.

We’re keeping the details under wraps until we announce the Cocoon Skill to the world, but one thing is certain. With our Amazon Alexa Skill, you will have even simpler home security from Cocoon.

Cocoon will connect securely with Alexa to protect your privacy and security

Every element of Cocoon is carefully designed to respect your privacy and protect your data. As a result, any actions that could impact your security will require a secure passcode, to prevent unauthorised users from overriding your home security settings.

When will I be able to use Cocoon with my Alexa

We’re working hard to deliver this update. For now, we’re aiming to launch Cocoon’s Amazon Alexa Skill in the coming months. Keep checking the blog for more information and to find out which features will be available first.