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Cocoon home security now in 65 countries worldwide

Cocoon Labs

In 2014 we launched on Indiegogo to help people around the world feel safe with smarter home security. Today, Cocoon looks after homes in 65 countries around the world.

Cocoon is fixing the broken home security market

Most people don’t have home security. It’s astonishing, but 19 million UK households are unprotected and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by criminals. 650,000 UK homes being broken into in 2016 alone. But here’s the thing, homeowners aren’t to blame. Traditional home security is broken, it has been for decades and the clunky, expensive traditional home security systems have resulted in the majority of people not having home security.

Cocoon is changing home security for the better with uncomplicated, affordable product powered by a unique technology that takes the hard work out of securing your home. Over the last two years we’ve been testing and learning, gathering feedback and building something that people love, and we’re seeing the result of this in our customer reviews. This is something our team are proud of.

It’s one of the reasons why Cocoon is now in homes in 65 countries around the world.  Our growth is helping to make homes around the world safer. You could call this our mission, the reason Cocoon exists.  

We’re trying to make the world safer, starting with your home.

We first launched Cocoon on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo because we believe that the best way to find an answer to a problem is to get lots of people thinking about it. More brains means more brainpower, and since we first shipped devices in 2016, our early backers have not only supported the growth of the Cocoon business with their money, tweets and time. They’ve also tried, tested and helped us improve new features we’ve released.

The backers from our Indiegogo campaign showed that the problem we’re solving isn’t just local. Cocoon is solving a global problem and our technology is proving valuable to people around the world.

It makes sense. According to the World Data Atlas of Knoema, in 2014 the Netherlands had one of the highest global burglary rates, with 1,507.8 cases per 100,000 population. The top 5 countries in their data set include Grenada, Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium. Burglary isn’t just close to home, it’s a worldwide problem. Which means that our mission, to make people feel safe, should be global too.

Our customers reflect this global outlook. Cocoon complete home security systems are now looking after homes in 65 countries around the world. People want to feel safe and, according to amazing reviews from our customers, Cocoon truly delivers that. We set out to make home security without the hassle, and in so doing, we’re making the world a safer place.

If you want to find out if Cocoon is available in your country why not visit our website where you can chat live with our brilliant customer support team.