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Cocoon August update

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It’s been our busiest month so far at Cocoon so we’ve got lots to tell you! Cocoons are being shipped to our earliest supporters, we’ve had our official launch and for those who missed our Indiegogo campaign you can now buy Cocoon online. This month we’ve also announced a partnership with Zurich home insurance and we’ve continued working hard on future feature releases that we know you’ll love.

We’re shipping worldwide

All of our Indiegogo Supporters should now have received an email asking for confirmation of their delivery address. The details below are for all who have responded – if you haven’t confirmed your address yet then please check your inbox for an email titled “Delivering your Cocoon” or contact [email protected] so we can get your Cocoon to you as soon as possible.

Where in the world Cocoons are making people feel safe with smart home security

UK & Europe: All Cocoons should now be with you! We hope you’re enjoying them so far but would love to hear how you’re getting on at [email protected].

USA & Canada: A shipment of Cocoons is on its way, to all our American and Canadian supporters. Cocoons will arrive towards the end of August and early September.

Africa, South America, Australia & New Zealand: Cocoons are making their way to you right now.

Asia: Cocoons are on their way to you right now, however some regions have seen delays at customs. We’ll keep affected customers informed as we know more.

Antarctica: No orders yet!

Save money on your home insurance

Smarthome Security that saves you money on your home insurance - Zurich and Cocoon partnership

The big news this month is the announcement of our partnership with Zurich to offer our customers cheaper home insurance.

Sanjay, our CEO, explained how “This partnership with Zurich helps us reward those taking a smarter approach to protect their home and loved ones… It puts homeowners in control and means everyone can feel safe. We’re excited to be working with one of the most trusted names in home insurance to re-envisage home security. Find out what this means for you here.

Cocoon partners with Zurich to save you money on your home insurance

Meeting Cocoon customers

Cocoon has now officially launched! We celebrated in London and were really pleased to welcome some of our early customers and supporters to the party, read all about it here.

Colin high fives Cocoon supporter Tim at the launch party

Andrew, a local from our home city of Leeds, tweeted us to say he’d bought a Cocoon and would love to pick it up in person. We jumped at the opportunity and a few days later Andrew came to visit us. Robert showed him around and introduced him to the team who really enjoyed meeting a customer. It really brings to life why we do this – home security should be smart, simple and easy to use so everyone can feel safe!

Mobile app updates

We believe that home security should be incredibly simple to use, and a great mobile experience is a bit part of that.

Our team recently launched updates for iOS and Android with new features, and a major upgrade of geo-location (the technology to allow your Cocoon to automatically set and unset when you’re home and away). We’re most excited about the new capability to see what your Cocoon is hearing through the live Subsound® screen. Find out more about the updates here.

Subsound Visualisation screens in Cocoon Home Security Android and iOS Apps
See Subsound® in your Cocoon App

Review Cocoon!

Feedback from customers has been really positive so far, and is great for our team to hear. We’ve heard how easy Cocoon is to set up, how you like the design of Cocoon and the mobile app experience, but we’d love to hear more.

Please take two minutes to review the Cocoon mobile apps and help us on our mission to make home security simple!

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If you have any questions we’re here to help and love hearing from you. Email us on [email protected] or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.