Can smart home security cameras combat the rise in UK burglary?

Can Smart Home Security Combat Rise In UK Burglary? Cocoon is making home security that's simple and easy to use so you can feel safe knowing your home and family is protected
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With the news that rates of burglary in the UK are increasing 9% year-on-year, there’s never been a more important time to protect our homes. Security systems work by deterring burglars, yet 70% of Brits don’t have one in place. We need to make home security more simple and accessible so everyone can feel safe.

What’s causing the rise?

There is debate around whether budget cuts affecting the Police Force may have impacted burglary, but with 21,000 fewer police officers since 2010 – there is certainly less visibility and less resource to fight crime.

As more people across the UK are having their income squeezed, renting is becoming the norm over homeownership. Over 5 million households are renting right now, and that’s set to rise to nearly 6 million in the next few years. Pair this with the misconception that home security is difficult and expensive to install. As a result, a tenant is unlikely to invest in home security in the same way that a homeowner might.

What can I do to stay safe?

There are some basic security precautions you can take that will prevent over a quarter of break-ins. To help you feel safe we’ve compiled a list of three simple tips to help protect your home, including making friends with your neighbours!

These simple tips help keep your home safe, but with more than 81% of burglars admitting they would not target a house if it had home security in place, deterrence is key. But you’ll find not all home security is created equal. Some have ugly sensors, need a code entered every time you come and go, and sound false alarms irritating your neighbours without anyone taking action. Some set automatically, avoiding false alarms and notifying you on your phone so you can choose what action to take.

Our quick guide to home security is a good place to start exploring your options.

Is a camera better than a traditional security system?

Sometimes, no matter what precautions you have in place, the worst can still happen. Giving the police evidence of a burglary, to help them catch the culprit, can be the difference between getting your belongings back or not.

Home security systems will deter most burglars, but there will always be some stubborn enough to enter a home even if there’s security in place. If they do break in a security camera will capture evidence you can use to prosecute and convict them. In contrast, a traditional system will just sound an alarm that’s likely ignored. This was seen in action recently when Cocoon’s smart home security camera caught burglars in balaclavas red-handed. While it’s scary viewing, the video did result in the arrest and conviction of the criminals who broke into the family home. Thanks to Cocoon, justice was done and the family’s stolen things, including a sentimental piece of jewellery, were returned.

Could smart home security cameras be the answer?

We believe that a key way to bring down the number of burglaries is through smart technology. By making home security that’s simple, flexible and accessible enough for everyone. So we can all feel safe, knowing that our homes and loved ones are protected.

At Cocoon, we’re on a mission to make it simple for everyone to feel that their homes are secure. We do this by developing smart things that are easy to use, with the best people and technology. Giving you a home security camera that simply works.

Armed with unique Subsound® technology, every Cocoon camera is smart enough to learn about your home to avoid false alarms. Powerful enough to detect movement in rooms and floors of your home beyond what the camera can see. If something unusual triggers Cocoon you’ll get a notification on your phone with live HD video. You can check what’s happening at home and choose to sound the siren, phone the police or a neighbour, or dismiss the alert as everything’s okay.

You can install a Cocoon home security system in under a minute. It’s so easy to use that even 80-year-old self-proclaimed technophobes give it five-star reviews. If you move house, simply unplug it and take it with you. There are no ongoing fees making this home security that anyone can get. Truly helping you to feel safe, and worry less.

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