How to defeat a burglar alarm and my subsequent court appearance

Cocoon Labs

The burglar alarm that came with my first house never recovered from the night I had to borrow a ladder to silence (destroy) the confused external siren when the controller when awry.  Neither did my relationships with the neighbours!

My troubled relationship with security systems continued at my first business (Donhost).  We won a court case against ADT after they failed to provide the contracted police notification service when our ADT alarm went off.

An alarm came with our current house too.  It’s batteries ran out years ago but my past alarm experiences and the inconvenient keypad meant we never set it anyway.  This year two burglaries on our street in one week spurred me into replacing it so I hit Google to research options.

To my amazement home security technology hadn’t changed since the 80s.  It was still the same old white boxes sold on the false premise that something useful will happen when they go off.  In reality, when they go off, the neighbours have a quick glance out the window and return annoyed to the sofa until its owner tires of setting it following the many false alarms.

A beautiful security product I’d want in my home, one I don’t have to set or have installed that would alert someone who cares when something real happens didn’t exist.   The seedling that would grow into Cocoon was born and a brainstorm in the West Riding pub with Colin and Nick set us on our way.

Oh and the answer to the “how to” in the title – you don’t need to, just go ahead and break in, nobody will take any notice of the alarm!