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Cocoon April Update

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Hardware has been the focus of our attention this month, with factory visits and enhancements to several areas of the device’s electronic components. Hardware is hard, and with that in mind it’s time to sit back and ready yourself for the Cocoon April update.

Night Vision

We’ve adjusted some of the infrared LEDs to enhance night vision. We were finding that the far end of large rooms was not being illuminated well and this change will improve that.

Material Difficulties

The materials challenge for the front of Cocoon has been resolved and we’ve incorporated the new materials into the design. The button on the top of Cocoon and the cable entry detail underneath have also been finalised.

Cocoon button

Factory Visits

We’ve visited a number of factories so far and we have more to visit next month before we agree a final production partner. We’re talking to factories who have the capability to place and test the tiny components we use. We’re looking for a partner with excellent tracking capabilities and x-ray inspection equipment to ensure quality.

Cocooon Factory Visit


Layout and routing of our revised processor board for the WiFi issue featured in the March update is complete and prototypes are now being manufactured.

Cocoon PCB


The ‘mind’ of Cocoon continues to develop, and this month we’ve replaced our proof-of-concept cloud communication system (“imago”) with the first version of our production system (“flutter”). This system carries the communications between mobile apps and Cocoon, and the new version is designed to provide the levels of security, reliability and scalability we will require.

User Experience

User experience design continues with work looking at the process of setting your Cocoon up for the first time. Usability testing kicked off last week, members of the public tested our app and gave us feedback. This testing will be a regular feature in our development process, in order to ensure we have user feedback throughout the build.


We have been mapping out how the finished Cocoon product will be delivered, where you can order or buy the product, how quickly it will be delivered, and what will happen if you have a problem or want to return it. We need to decide who stores them for us and where, and as an order comes in, what the process will be for the products to be picked, packaged and sent to the customer.


We’ve kicked off a project to improve and enhance the Cocoon branding ahead of future packaging and website development. We’re really excited by the early work and hope to share examples of our new look in the coming months.

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Team Cocoon.