Biggest app release of 2017, Alexa and multi-Cocoon

Cocoon's latest mobile app release, free on iOS and Android, has an Amazon Alexa Skill and give you multi-Cocoon
Cocoon Labs

The final iOS and Android app releases of 2017 from Cocoon have some big features for you. You can now control Cocoon through Amazon Alexa and, with multi-Cocoon, have more than one Cocoon in your home.

We’ve been focussing on the exciting features detailed below, but as with all our app releases, we’ve made some general improvements and squashed a few bugs too.

Cocoon now works with Amazon Alexa

With Amazon Alexa, you can now manage your home security hands-free. Using voice commands to control you Cocoon or ask for information about your home. Putting home security at the tip of your tongue. Read more about Cocoon’s Alexa Skill here.

Multi-Cocoon is ready

Multi-Cocoon is our most requested feature, with many of you asking when it will be available. Today we’re really proud to announce that multi-Cocoon is live!

This means that you can have multiple Cocoons working together in your household. Boosting Subsound® and camera coverage in your home for even more powerful smart home security. Read all about multi-Cocoon here.

This is just the beginning for multi-Cocoon. We’re seeing this release as a public beta, with many more features and improvements on the way. We know many of you are keen for the ability to have more than one Cocoon in your household, so we wanted to release a functioning version of multi-Cocoon even if it doesn’t yet have the bells and whistles.

Please keep an eye out for improvements in the new year and share any feedback you have with our team.

Stay in touch

Our team are always learning and improving what we do, so you can feel safe knowing Cocoon is looking after your home. Please continue to let us know how you’re getting on, we’re on hand to help via the live chat on our website, on the email [email protected] or on Twitter and Facebook.