A dog’s tale – Cocoon customer stories

Cocoon Labs

We make no secret of our love for pets here at Cocoon. Lots of the team have pet cats, dogs and rabbits (we couldn’t resist sharing some photos of them below, because who doesn’t want an excuse for cat pictures!). Like most pet owners, our team have a particular soft spot for people with their own furry friends, like Simon, a Cocoon customer who contacted us recently with a request we felt we could help with.

The Cocoon team's pet dogs, cats and rabbits
The Cocoon team’s pet dogs, cats and rabbits

Simon is a long-time Cocoon customer and loves his Cocoon, but one day he noticed it had gone offline. On closer inspection he realised that one of his dogs, Fleur, had chewed through the power cable – no wonder it wasn’t working!

Simon tried finding a replacement cable online with no luck. Nowhere sold cables as long as the one he first got with his Cocoon, or with the jaunty angle that ensures it fits neatly beneath the device. So he got in touch with us and we were happy to help.

Wanting to make sure Simon’s Cocoon was back up and running as soon as possible, we sent him a replacement power cable. To make sure it looked less appetising in future we couldn’t resist adding a little gift to the parcel.

Treats for Simon’s furry friends. (Maybe next time the dog will chew treats rather than Cocoon’s power cable!)

Simon sent us these pictures, saying: “Thank you again for superb customer service – it made me chuckle!”

And left us this lovely review:

Simon – we’re so happy we could help you get Cocoon back up and running. Hopefully, your dog enjoyed the treat and has now learnt not to chew your gadget’s cables!

Tips for safely placing Cocoon in your home

  1. Place Cocoon on a stable platform like a table, ledge or bookcase, ensuring it’s not rocking or moving on it’s base
  2. Ensure the power cable is neatly tucked away from little hands (or paws) to be extra safe
  3. We’d recommend placing Cocoon in the corner of your room to get a better view and see more of what’s happening at home
  4. Water does not mix well with electronic devices, so keeping Cocoon dry is important – avoid washing machine, dripping taps or fish tanks