5 tips for a more pet-friendly Bonfire Night

Cocoon Labs

As the nights are drawing in and the weather turning colder, skies across the UK become aglow with colour. The evening air reverberates with the loud bangs and cracks of fireworks. November 5th is Bonfire Night. When people gather together to gaze at the sky, but these annual traditions are far from being pet-friendly.

Bonfire night began as a day of thanksgiving, for the survival of King and Government. When an assassination plot was foiled, the people of London were encouraged to celebrate their King’s escape by lighting bonfires as a testimony of their joy. As long as they were “without any danger or disorder”. Traditions have developed and now we have evenings of frivolity, lit up with sparklers. While crunching on toffee apples we watch fireworks set to music and make comically awestruck noises as the displays reach a crescendo.

Why fireworks aren’t pet-friendly

It’s an evening of awe for us but, for animals, it can be an annual trauma. Sudden bright flashes and loud bangs are frightening for pets in any scenario, but with fireworks sometimes reaching up to 150 decibels (as loud as a jet engine!) they can be deafening too. Many pets have much more sensitive hearing than humans, so these sorts of volumes are far from pet-friendly. They can cause real distress.

As Cocoon is a pet-friendly home security system we know lots of our customers have furry friends. Cocoon helps you look after what you care about most, including your pampered pets, so we wanted to help make your Bonfire Night frivolities pet-friendly too.

5 tips to look after your pets during the fireworks

  1. On evenings when fireworks are likely, be sure that you draw curtains and close doors. This will help prevent your pet from being bombarded with flashing lights. Leave a radio on to provide background noise, and encourage them to stay in the most soundproofed part of your home.
  2. Make them a safe, padded den that provides some level of soundproofing. In the run-up to Bonfire Night, praise them when they relax there so they recognise it as a safe retreat.
  3. You can buy pheromone sprays online, or from your vet, to use around their den and in areas of your home they frequent to help them stay calm. Pheromones are scents that we can’t smell, but they reduce animals’ stress levels.
  4. If you have outdoor pets (such as rabbits or guinea pigs) make sure they’re indoors in the quietest area possible. Give them lots of bedding to dampen the sound to more pet-friendly levels.
  5. Check that they’re OK, while you’re away from home, with your Cocoon home security camera. As Cocoon is pet-friendly, with advanced machine learning, you won’t get alerts from your pet day-to-day (unless they’re really misbehaving!). However, on evenings like Bonfire Night, you can check on them with high-definition video that’s clear, even in the dark.

Stay safe from burglary on bonfire night

Many of us go out to see our local firework displays, and the bangs and flashes provide a cover for crime so, unfortunately, there is a trend for burglaries to spike around Bonfire Night. This is obviously bad for you, but also for your pets who are usually left at home alone. Make sure you lock your windows and doors and follow these home security tips from the Cocoon team.