Catching Santa red-handed with Cocoon

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

We all know that Father Christmas won’t be able to land his sleigh and bring you your presents if you’re awake to see him. Noone’s ever spotted him visiting a home on his busiest night of the year.

Well, we have a challenge for you. As a magical man, Santa knows whether you’re fast asleep or not, but this Christmas there are Cocoons looking after homes around the world. We know that he can sneak past traditional home security sensors, avoiding their motion detectors. What we don’t yet know is if Father Christmas can magically avoid being picked up by Cocoon’s Subsound® technology.

Catching Santa red-handed

Cocoon doesn’t just detect movement that’s in front of its camera, it detects movement through sound. This means Cocoon senses movement most cameras would miss, across multiple rooms and floors of your home. When moving through a room we have to push through the air, making it vibrate. These vibrations create low-level sound that people can’t hear, but Cocoon’s sensitive microphone can.

When Cocoon is armed it alerts you to unusual movement in your home. Father Christmas has learnt to magically dodge the motion sensors used by traditional home security systems, but an armed Cocoon should catch red-handed. Unless he can deliver your Christmas presents without moving through the air in your home!

This Christmas Eve, why not arm your Cocoon?

Once you’ve hung your stockings up, don’t try staying awake to spot Father Christmas – it never works anyway. This Christmas Eve, why not arm your Cocoon and see if you can catch a glimpse of jolly old Saint Nick delivering your gifts? Santa tumbling down the chimney with a sack full of Christmas presents should create enough festive sound waves to trigger Cocoon.

On Christmas morning, thanks to Cocoon, you may wake up to a video of Santa sipping sherry and munching mince pies in your front room.


Hands-free home security with Cocoon and Amazon Alexa

You can now talk to your Cocoon using Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Our mission at Cocoon is to make it simple for you to feel that your home and loved ones are safe. We’re really excited that Cocoon now works with Amazon Alexa and Echo devices. Making Cocoon’s powerful and reliable home security even easier to use.

Integrating with Amazon Alexa, and the range of Amazon Echo devices, means you can manage your home security hands-free. Alexa connects to Cocoon so that you can use your voice to control Cocoon or ask for information about your home. Putting home security at the tip of your tongue.

Alexa, what can Cocoon do for me?

  • Alexa, tell Cocoon to arm
    If you’re at home and you want an extra level of security, simply ask Alexa to arm your Cocoon.  Making it easy to arm your Cocoon at bedtime, so you can rest easy knowing Cocoon is on guard.
  • Alexa, tell Cocoon to sound the siren
    If you’re home alone and hear something unusual you can sound Cocoon’s 90DB built-in siren, simply by asking Alexa.Update: You can ask Alexa to stop the siren too. Once you have asked to sound the siren, Alexa will say ‘OK. Let me know when to stop’ and will listen for your reply. This will only work if you started the siren with Alexa, so if you’re away from home and choose to sound the siren via your Cocoon app, anyone in your home will not be able to ask Alexa to stop the siren. You can, off course, still stop the siren in the Cocoon app.
  • Alexa, ask Cocoon about…
    Learn more about Cocoon by asking Alexa. Find out about Subsound® technology, how Cocoon uses AI to avoid false alarms and what the different coloured lights on the front mean.

Our team have been speaking with many people using Cocoon and Amazon Echo over the past year,  and these features are what you most wanted to be able to do while at home. This is our very first release for Amazon Alexa, there are more exciting features and updates coming soon.

What Cocoon and Alexa won’t do.

Security is at the heart of what we do, including making exciting new features like this Alexa Skill. Rest assured that disarming your Cocoon home security will never be as simple as saying “Alexa, disarm Cocoon”. There will always be tight security on such an important action. This is to prevent the risk of Cocoon being accidentally disarmed by someone in your Household or maliciously disarmed by an intruder.

How do I enable the Cocoon Alexa Skill

There are 2 steps to enabling the Alexa Skill. Each device needs to connect to the another, like a handshake, authenticating that they can work securely together.

  1. Open your Cocoon app and visit the “Household details” screen. There is a section for “Smart home” where you can “Login with Amazon”.
  2. Open your Alexa App or log in on the Amazon website, where you can search for Cocoon and then enable the Cocoon skill.

Complete these two steps and your Cocoon will work with your Amazon Alexa device.

So, what next?

We’re excited that Cocoon customers can now have hands free home security, by talking to their Amazon Echo devices. We’re hoping this makes home security a more natural part of your daily life.

This is the very first release in our Alexa Skill and we worked hard to prioritise the most requested features. We’ll be adding more features soon. We’d love to hear how you get on with Cocoon’s new Alexa skill and any ideas you have for future features to make your home security simpler. You can email [email protected] or get in touch in the comments below!

The Amazon Alexa Skill is part of our biggest app release of 2017, which also includes multi-Cocoon to boost your security camera and Subsound® coverage at home.

Biggest app release of 2017, Alexa and multi-Cocoon

The final iOS and Android app releases of 2017 from Cocoon have some big features for you. You can now control Cocoon through Amazon Alexa and, with multi-Cocoon, have more than one Cocoon in your home.

We’ve been focussing on the exciting features detailed below, but as with all our app releases, we’ve made some general improvements and squashed a few bugs too.

Cocoon now works with Amazon Alexa

With Amazon Alexa, you can now manage your home security hands-free. Using voice commands to control you Cocoon or ask for information about your home. Putting home security at the tip of your tongue. Read more about Cocoon’s Alexa Skill here.

Multi-Cocoon is ready

Multi-Cocoon is our most requested feature, with many of you asking when it will be available. Today we’re really proud to announce that multi-Cocoon is live!

This means that you can have multiple Cocoons working together in your household. Boosting Subsound® and camera coverage in your home for even more powerful smart home security. Read all about multi-Cocoon here.

This is just the beginning for multi-Cocoon. We’re seeing this release as a public beta, with many more features and improvements on the way. We know many of you are keen for the ability to have more than one Cocoon in your household, so we wanted to release a functioning version of multi-Cocoon even if it doesn’t yet have the bells and whistles.

Please keep an eye out for improvements in the new year and share any feedback you have with our team.

Stay in touch

Our team are always learning and improving what we do, so you can feel safe knowing Cocoon is looking after your home. Please continue to let us know how you’re getting on, we’re on hand to help via the live chat on our website, on the email [email protected] or on Twitter and Facebook.


Multi-Cocoon boosts Subsound® and security camera coverage

Multi-Cocoon is our most requested feature, with many of you wanting to have more than one Cocoon home security camera in your home. Today we’re really proud to announce that multi-Cocoon is live!

This is just the beginning for multi-Cocoon and we’re seeing it as a public beta. You may experience some bugs, especially with our Android app, but rest assured that we are working hard to get an updated app, with improvements and more features, to you soon. We know many of you are keen for the ability to link more than one Cocoon in your Household, so wanted to release a version of multi-Cocoon sooner rather than later. Even if it doesn’t have the bells and whistles yet.

Unless you’re really keen to use multi-Cocoon you might prefer to wait for the next update which will be a bit more polished. If you only have one Cocoon in your home this update will not impact your app performance, so please feel free to update.

Multi-Cocoon is part of our biggest app release of 2017, which also includes the  Cocoon Amazon Alexa Skill.

What does multi-Cocoon do for you?

With multi-Cocoon you can add more Cocoon home security devices to your Household. Boosting Subsound® and camera coverage in your home, giving you even more powerful smart home security.

It’s as simple as swiping through the Cocoons in your app to see different rooms. Whether it’s an alert or live view,  you’ll get a clear HD video of each place in your home with a Cocoon security camera, night and day. As said earlier, this is our beta release, and this isn’t yet as smooth an experience as we’d like it to be but will be fixed in our next update.

Multi-Cocoon boosts Subsound® coverage

Every Cocoon has a powerful microphone inside it, detecting movement in your home through low-level sound. While a single Cocoon can sense movement in multiple rooms and floors of your home, linking together more than one will allow for more accurate detection over larger areas. Multi-Cocoon provides the perfect home security for large homes, without the hassle of installing sensors on windows and doors.

The AI that allows your Cocoon to avoid false alarms will take time to learn what’s normal for your everyday. You may receive a few more alerts when you add a new Cocoon to your Household. This is because every Cocoon has its own brain, so when first set up it needs to learn about your home. Getting up to speed with the other Cocoons in your household may take 7-10 days.

How Cocoons work together

As they work together, actions like arming Cocoon will mean that every Cocoon device in your home will stand on guard. When there’s an alert, every Cocoon linked to your Household will be capturing footage. You can swipe between the cameras in your app to view what’s happening in different parts of your home.

You will generally only get one alert if your Cocoons sense something unusual. There may be occasions when you get more than one alert from different Cocoons, this is because of something known as “a race condition”. It happens if one Cocoon hasn’t yet clocked that another Cocoon has also alerted you. We’d rather this happened, it’s safer that you receive two alerts than get no alert at all. This is to make sure that your Cocoon devices never miss an important alert.

How you can add more Cocoons

When you first install Cocoon home security you’ll be able to add more than one device. If you already have Cocoon setup, you can add new devices In the “Your Household” part of the app.

You can name each Cocoon, so you can easily spot the difference between them from within your app. We’ve been naming ours after the rooms the Cocoon is in, but you can get more creative if you’d like to!

Stay in touch

Our team are always learning and improving what we do, so you can feel safe knowing Cocoon is looking after your home. Please continue to let us know how you’re getting on, we’re on hand to help via the live chat on our website, on the email [email protected] or on Twitter and Facebook.


Cocoon is the simplest home security to install, ever.

Traditional home security is so complicated and expensive to install that it puts many people off having it, leaving 70% of UK homes unprotected. Cocoon is changing that, powered by sound the installation is so simple it takes seconds to setup. Making home security more accessible for the 19 million UK homes currently unprotected.

Our team set out to make it incredibly easy to have complete home security. With a little sound thinking, we managed to make it so simple that Cocoon can be set up in under a minute!

How can installation of Cocoon be that fast?

Simply put, it’s fast to setup because it uses sound.

Cocoon is unique in using low-level sound to detect movement in your home. Using AI to understand these low-level sounds and know when to alert you. As sound is core to how Cocoon works, we began exploring how it might help with the setup process. We realised that sending data securely (as coded sound) was an incredibly simple and fast way for anyone to install a security system. It means you don’t need to rely on flakey Bluetooth or fiddle with extra buttons on Cocoon.

Once plugged in, a brand new Cocoon is waiting to connect to the internet and to your phone. Its microphone is on, listening for some information to be sent through sound. If you follow the setup instructions in the Cocoon mobile app (iOS and Android), the few bits of data you enter will be turned into a little tune. Turn up the volume, and then listen as your phone chirps to Cocoon, and voila!

The magic moment

Just like magic, upon hearing these chirps from your phone, Cocoon securely connects to your WiFi and your phone. Your smart home security is ready to go.

The song that your phone chirps to Cocoon is data that’s encoded as a sequence of different audio tones. They are totally unique to you, similar to phone dialling tones but designed to be more pleasing to hear.

Rob, our Lead Developer at Cocoon, has written a more technical blog. He explains how we send secure sound-based data to make installation simple. It will be live on our blog soon.

Making home security simple for you

Through sound Cocoon is easy to setup and simple to use. The musical chirp makes installing Cocoon a much more easy and pleasant experience for you, and our unique Subsound® technology makes home security that’s smart and hassle-free. Protecting multiple rooms in your home from one device and learning to avoid false alarms. All powered by sound.

The musical code you hear during Cocoon’s setup is when you first feel the magic of the technology we’ve created. We hope you continue to love your Cocoon once it’s up and running and that smart home security powered by sound helps make you feel safe at home.

Install home security in under a minute with Cocoon

We wanted to make home security incredibly simple to install. But when racing against the clock, can we setup Cocoon in under a minute?!

Traditional home security is complex and expensive to install. The Cocoon team set out to change this. They combined their expertise to make the experience and technology as slick as possible, so you could have security that was simple to use. We were aiming for you to be able to install complete home security in under a minute.

(This obviously this doesn’t include delivery times, we haven’t invented a teleporter just yet! Although we do offer next day delivery for orders before 1 pm in the UK.)

The One Minute Cocoon Challenge

Our team have worked hard to make Cocoon as easy to set up as possible, but had they made it easy enough to install in 60 seconds?

We put it to the test with four different people. Sabrina, James, Anna and Luke racing against each other. The challenge: Setup Cocoon as fast as possible.

Sabrina and James are part of the Cocoon team, so are familiar with the device and app. Anna and Luke had never used Cocoon before, this was the first time they’d seen the Cocoon app, and still they managed… well. Watch the video and you’ll see!

Can you beat our Cocoon setup times?

If you think you’re faster than us, why not take the challenge? We’d love to hear how you get on with your Cocoon and to see your speedy setup videos. You can share them in the comments below.

Cocoon and PolicyCastle save you money on home insurance

We’re excited to announce that from today a partnership with PolicyCastle, the innovative digital home insurance platform, can save Cocoon customers a market-leading 15% on their home insurance.

Each year over 650,000 families in the UK fall victim to a break-in. This is devastating for individuals and costs the UK economy over £1.5bn in home insurance claims. Together with PolicyCastle, we’re changing the relationship between customers and insurers, from cleaning up after things go wrong, to stopping them before they happen. Our smart home security partnership provides a win-win for both customers and the insurers seeking to provide peace-of-mind.

Saving you money while making you safer

Nobody likes paying over the odds for utilities, so why should home insurance be any different? At Cocoon, we’re on a mission to help everyone feel safe at home, so we’re working together with PolicyCastle and other innovative insurance partners to reward UK customers for making their homes safer. It’s our aim to kickstart change in the home insurance industry and encourage larger, more established brands to improve their offerings to UK customers.

Offering more than just a ‘smart home’

At a time when household budgets are being squeezed, it couldn’t be more important to help provide real-world benefits to people that use smart home devices to secure their homes. Most smart home products while being fun or saving us a little time, haven’t really given real-world benefits to their customers. We’re changing that. Working together with a new breed of smart home insurers Cocoon is able to help our customers to save their hard-earned cash while giving the peace of mind that home security brings.

The cost of protecting your home and loved ones is priceless, and together with PolicyCastle we’re putting smart home security at the centre of how we insure our homes. Smarter homes with smarter insurance, rewarding people for being responsible.  

Making it easy to save 15% on your home insurance

Cocoon’s UK customers can apply for this market leading home insurance discount by visiting the PolicyCastle website and completing a home insurance quote. To be eligible you will need to own a Cocoon – Terms and conditions apply.