Cocoon June Update

It’s been a busy and very exciting period at Cocoon HQ as we’ve begun shipping the first cocoons to our earliest Indiegogo backers.

We’ve had some great feedback, excited tweets and messages as shiny new Cocoons made it out to your homes for the first time. Thanks very much for the updates and photographs, like this tweet from Ross, you’ve put smiles on our faces!

Cocoon smart home security twitter thanks

We’re steadily increasing the number of Cocoons that we’re shipping to you, our earliest supporters. This is so we can test our systems thoroughly and make sure that, should any issues arise, we can resolve them for you as effectively and quickly as possible so everyone has a great experience 

We’re learning as we grow and your support has proven invaluable. Thank you.

Shipping schedule

  • We’re shipping to UK customers over the next few weeks and throughout July.
  • US, Europe and rest of world customers can expect their Cocoons to be shipped from late July.

Launch party

We’re very excited to be officially launching Cocoon with a party in London next week, Tuesday 28th. If you are a Cocoon customer and would like to come, but haven’t received an invitation then please get in touch.

Cocoon on display
Cocoons on display during a London Tech Week event.

Power cables

We spotted that a small number of our earliest Cocoon shipments were packaged with the wrong USB power cables. These have all now been replaced and to ensure it never happens again we’ve upgraded our quality control system so our customers always receive cables that are tried, tested and ready to go. We want to say a big thank you to those who’ve been patient as we’ve resolved things, and to thank our team for handling things fast and efficiently.

We’ve accelerated sourcing and shipment so that brand new cables will be included in all future shipments. We insisted that our suppliers did this fast turn-around to get the Cocoons that are with our early supporters running smoothly as soon as possible.


A key element of the Cocoon system that you’ll see improve over the next few months will be the accuracy of the Geolocation technology in the Cocoon app. This uses your smartphone signal to determine if you and your family are at home, it then can deactivate alerts to prevent false alarms. While this technology is used by services like Uber is yet to be perfected, but as we love a challenge we’re working hard to improve it for you!

Cocoon home security mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our team is growing

In other great news our team is growing. In the last few weeks Jack has joined us to work on user-interface design, Jiri has joined us as an electronic engineer and Sabrina has joined the Marketing Team focusing on communications.

new team members.001

We’ll be posting regularly but as always, if you have any questions or comments please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, and if you think you’d like to join our team please check out our careers page.

Thank you,

Team Cocoon.

The Biggest Home Security Myths

If you don’t already have a home security system, you can probably list a few reasons why. But how many of these are actually valid when you think about them? Myths about security systems are rampant, but most of them are based on misconceptions.

Here are five of the biggest home security myths debunked:

1. Home Security Is Too Pricey.

Once reserved for the wealthy elite, today’s systems are now accessible for all people, with the average monthly cost of a service subscription being only $30 in 2013. There may be some additional start-up costs, but even these usually only mean a one-time cost of a few hundred dollars — less than the price of the average TV. While a home security system does mean another bill to fit into your budget, the costs are minimal compared to replacing your valuables.

2. A Dog Is Just as Good.

You may think opting for a large dog can replace a home security system. While it’s true that burglars are less likely to target your house if they know a dog is inside, the average household pet is not trained as a guard dog. He may bark at an intruder, but he may just as easily be appeased with a treat. Dogs sometimes also end up as casualties in the event of a home invasion or burglary. Adding a home security system keeps both you and your pet safer.

3. It’s Just Stuff.

It can be tempting to think that everything you own is easily replaceable, and this is true as far as the actual physical possessions, but the sentimental value will be lost forever. A burglary also impacts your sense of security, something that can take months and even years to recover. A home security system can help deter burglars and help you feel safer, especially for those who live alone.

4. Determined Burglars Won’t Care About Alarms.

When a burglar breaks into a home, he is taking a calculated risk. He’s betting that he can get in, get the stuff and get out before he is noticed or caught. The presence of a home security system dramatically affects these odds, and one study found that 50 percent of burglars say they’d pass on a house that had an alarm system.