Cocoon Joins Tech City UK Upscale

Today we’re excited to announce that Cocoon has been selected to join Tech City UK’s Upscale programme, powering 30 of the fastest growing UK tech companies as we scale!

Upscale comes hot on the heels of Tech City UK’s FutureFifty programme, which supported the likes of Graze,, Shazam, and Transferwise as they exploded into life over the past few years.

We’re all really excited to be part of this great group of startups looking to share ideas, learn new ways of doing things and ultimately pass that back to our customers in the form of a fantastic product and brand. This is why Upscale makes sense for Cocoon, and why we’re committing our team to supporting it.

Cocoon has been chosen by the expert Upscale judging panel as they feel we represent emerging digital business with the most potential for rapid scale and international growth. Pretty cool, right!

As part of the programme, Cocoon and the other 29 Upscale companies will work with experts that have a proven track record of growing successful tech companies across the world. These coaches will share their experience to help Upscale entrepreneurs address the wide range of specific challenges encountered by fast-growth businesses.

The first intake of businesses reflects the growing diversity of the UK’s digital specialists. We’re delighted to have been selected alongside such a strong group of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our friends also joining Upscale

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– Team Cocoon.

Things That Go ‘Bump’ In The Night

Ever wondered how Cocoon reacts to the noises in your home? Well, in a very similar way to the way you do.

Things that go bump in the night

Imagine for a second that you’re lying awake in bed and you hear a noise, what do you do? Well, firstly it depends how familiar you are with your surroundings and if you think anyone should be moving around at that time? If so, you may not be worried at all and drift calmly back to sleep.

If, however, you think the house should be empty, you’ll pay more attention. But you probably won’t jump out of bed to investigate just one bump (unless it’s a really loud noise!). Instead, you’ll listen a little more. If the noises are unusual, you’ll worry more and more until you take action. You’ll be particularly worried if you hear a noise which you think never occurs in an empty house – perhaps that squeaking floorboard on the stairs?

Cocoon thinks and reacts very similarly to the way you do.


Cocoon’s microphone picks up a range of sounds in your home, passing them through a signal processing pipeline. This pipeline then filters out higher frequency noise to give emphasis to the low-frequency infrasound that is inaudible to the human ear. The low-frequency sound is then analysed and given a ‘fingerprint’ so that Cocoon can compare sounds occur in the future and determine how similar they are.


Once your family have installed the Cocoon app on their phones your Cocoon will start to understand who should be in the house, who comes and who goes. This means that your Cocoon knows when your house should be empty and Cocoon can learn which infra-noises are usual in your empty house, and which are not.


Since Cocoon has an idea of which sounds are similar to each other, and which sounds are usual in your particular empty house, Cocoon can determine which sounds are unusual. Your Cocoon might worry a bit about most sounds, but it worries most about those associated with people moving in your house.

If there’s no activity for a while, Cocoon relaxes, but a short burst of worrying activity will be enough to spur it into action and contact you.


When your Cocoon gets in touch with you, it’s time for you to take charge, see what is going on (and what was going on in the build-up to the alert) and decide what action you want to take!

John leads the Cocoon Software Development team behind Subsound™ and plays with hula-hoops in his spare time! If you have any questions about anything you’ve read here let us know in the comments!

I’m Mo. I break things. It matters

I’m Mo, nice to meet you.

My name is Mohammed (or Mo as everyone likes to call me), and I’m Cocoon’s first Software Test Engineer with a prominent focus in manually testing Cocoon’s iOS and Android applications, as well as the Cocoon device itself.

I originally was born into Web Development and soon acquired a degree in BSc Hons Web Design & Technology, but then later branched off into the testing realm. As I graduated in July 2014 and started reaching for the moon, I also knew I wanted to be a part of the startup scene. I have always childishly moaned and complained to my wife that I had been unfortunate to have been born and raised in Yorkshire – as I felt all the startup action was taking place in Silicon Valley, which is a few thousand miles across ‘the pond’

However, I soon stumbled onto Cocoon. As you all know, Cocoon is a smart-home-security-device startup founded by Dan, Sanjay, Colin, Nick and John (wow! I said that in one breath!). Together they have set off on a journey to disrupt the startup universe and, in particular, the ever so growing startup scene in Leeds.

What I do matters.

My job at Cocoon is to write extensive test cases which I later run multiple times (or, however, many times needed) to test everything from a Cocoon pairing to a phone successfully to a name input field handling all that it can have thrown at it. Essentially, I want to break as many things as I can now, so our rockstar developers can fix them before we ship to our anxious users – we want the end-users to have the best experience.

To date, it has been 8 days I have been at Cocoon, and the guys here have been amazing! I’ve been welcomed to the testing team by James Salt – the current Test Lead, and I have learnt a tremendous amount of skills in the use of test planning software, code repositories, virtual application test environments and much more.

Cocoon Home Security

So far, I have hit the ground running with already producing work which has directly affected and improved the quality of Cocoon. The general process involves me raising an issue on Github, writing a highly-explicit regression test, running the test and then finally producing a report which can help the developers pinpoint the issue and allow them to fix it.

To ensure I am progressing in the right direction and at an appropriate speed, I have one-to-one sessions with James weekly and on a bi-weekly basis with Dan.

I find excitement in the tasks I undertake as no one day is the same at Cocoon. The growth of my skillset, experience working in a tightly-knit team and, of course, the FUN (the main bit) would be very difficult for me to find elsewhere. Also, the work environment as I found is highly flexible, relaxed and anything I have to bring to the table is always listened to by Dan, James and the other co-founders with the utmost consideration.

The future…

I soon look forward to learning and writing automation test scripts in Java or Python, on and off the cloud, with the assistance of James, enabling me to better test Cocoon and essentially allowing us to release a Cocoon at the highest quality.