10 Fathers Day gifts ideas for every sort of dad

10 Fathers Day gift ideas for every sort of dad from the fun cheap unusual presents to smart sport technology
Cocoon Labs

Left it to the last minute to buy a Father’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered, with ideas for every budget and every sort of dad, to make sure you’re his favourite!

If you’ve left it too late to order in time for Father’s Day, we have a tactic. Order online today and print out a picture of the present to pop in his card. Then he’ll know more treats are coming, you don’t need to pay for speedy delivery and you still get brownie points.

1) For green-fingered dads

Whether their garden is a few plant pots or rolling fields, they’ll love sprout pencils. When your dad has finished writing very important things (doodling) they can plant their pencil and soon see flowers, herbs or vegetables sprouting. 100% organic and lead-free, Sprout pencils are made from natural and biodegradable components. Sprout Pencils are available from Amazon (prices vary).

2) For dads with a man cave

If your dad hides out in a man cave or has a prized garden shed, then the Noke smart padlock will keep it his domain. He’ll feel like a sci-fi hero as it unlocks automatically when he walks up to it, and he can share access with a chosen few – maybe his favourite kids! (And if you manage to hack the lock to his man cave, he’ll probably be proud of your tech skills!) Noke Smart Padlock is available from Tesco (49.99).

3) For dads who like getting muddy

If your dad is hands-on, loves a science experiment, and embraces his inner child, then he’ll love the MudWatt. This science kit harnesses electricity made by the micro-organisms naturally living in mud or old morsels from your fridge. MudWatt is available from Amazon (£34.90).

4) For hipster dads

This credit card sized gizmo will let your dad style and comb his hair and beard, before cracking open his favourite craft beer bottle. Go-Comb is available from Amazon (£15.31)

5) For dads who love a wee dram of whisky

A perfect treat for whisky loving dads to enjoy a sober evening at home with the wafting aromas of their favourite drink from a man candle. Let them play the gentleman with this Club Whisky Mac candle by Temerity Jones, Available on Amazon (£13.55)

6) For creative genius dads

Could your dad be the greatest living banana-pianist? Or might he finally become Mario-Kart champion by switching his controller for Play-Doh? With MaKey MaKey you can make anything into a key (get it?!) It’s easy to trick your computer into thinking whatever you attach it to is a keyboard, for endless creative fun. MakeyMakey kits are available on Amazon (Standard kit £47.93).

7) For talkative dads

Is your dad the sort who thinks out loud and tells long rambling stories? Give him the gift of someone who actually listens – Alexa will feign interest in his stories so you don’t have to! And there’s the bonus that Amazon Alexa works with Cocoon’s smart home security, so dad can look after the things he loves as easily as asking Alexa. Amazon Echo Dot is available from Amazon (£39.99)

8) For dads who think they’re a rock star

Does your dad play the guitar as though he thinks he’s dueting with Jimi Hendrix?! Give him this handy toy to make his own plectrums and pick his own rock and roll style. Pickmaster’s Plectrum Punch is available from Amazon (£14.99)

9) For dads who are cycling mad

If your dad’s bicycle is his pride and joy, this nifty gift will help him keep it safe. A high-tech anti-theft tracker that’s designed by cyclists, Sherlock fits invisibly to offer GPS to precisely locate and retrieve bikes. Sherlock Anti-Theft Tracker is available from (£149.99).

10) For golfing dads

If your dad likes nothing more than spending days on the golf course, perfecting his stance and swing, then Ojee is the gadget for him! This smart golf training device will gives him real-time feedback on his golf skills.  Available from (£149)

And last but not least, the gift of home security is a great present for every sort of dad. Give your dad Cocoon and he’ll have complete home security in one smart gadget, plus the peace of mind that his family are safe and sound. You can find out more about Cocoon here (£159).