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A time of joy & peace of mind.

The Festive Season is your chance to catch up with friends and family, a time to be merry with those you love. But with all …

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Security can be beautiful.

‘An interior is the natural projection of the soul’, Coco Chanel
Modern life is busy. We’re spending less and less time at home, so …

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Making smart technology simple.

Innovation is often driven by brilliant people who understand technology on a level most of us can’t grasp.
Many incredible inventions fail to make it, …

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Why you shouldn't be afraid of the Smart Home.

When you make a house your home, it develops its own rhythm. For some people it’s a peaceful silence, a gentle hum, for other people …

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Cocoon October update.

It’s hard not to begin every “Cocoon Update” with something along the lines of “We’ve had a really busy month here at Cocoon.” Recently it’s …

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Why drop testing packaging is important.

A key challenge faced by any business shipping real products, as opposed to building software or running a service, is getting the packaging right. Especially …

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Three simple tips that will help protect your home.

Home is where you should feel safe and comfortable, it’s your personal space and where you keep your most sentimental possessions, and there’s good news …

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Why home security doesn't work if you rent.

There can be no denying the continuing rise of “generation rent”, as PwC reported, renting privately is now the norm for younger generations. This will …

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Five reasons a big founding team works.

Startups come in all shapes and sizes. With big teams squeezed into small offices, or a few people scattered around the globe relying on shaky …

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We're putting privacy at the heart of home security.

Your privacy and security are of paramount importance. From the very first moment Cocoon burst into existence we’ve put your privacy first. Our team have …

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Cocoon August update.

It’s been our busiest month so far at Cocoon so we’ve got lots to tell you! Cocoons are being shipped to our earliest supporters, we’ve …

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Cocoon Home Security Partners With Zurich Home Insurance

Cocoon is today proud to announce a partnership with Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. (VTX: ZURN).
By teaming our smart home security system with Zurich’s trusted home insurance …

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