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Everything that makes your house your home, protected by a single, smart device the size of a cricket ball.

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Your whole home protected by Subsound®.

Traditional home security uses sensors on each of your doors and windows to detect movement. Cocoon is different, it uses the air in your home as a link between these entry points and its powerful microphone, protecting your whole home from a single device.

Cocoon’s unique Subsound® technology protects your whole home by picking up low level sound waves too quiet for humans to hear and notifying you if anything unusual happens.

Better yet, Cocoon’s built in AI quickly tunes itself to your household’s frequency, learning the rhythms of your home to avoid false alarms.

All you need to protect your home.

Cocoon is the only home security system that protects your whole home from a single all-in-one device.

Get HD video, Subsound® alerts covering your whole home, and control an ear-piercing +90 decibel siren all from your phone. With Cocoon you’ll never have to worry about home security again.

“Cocoon is the best smart home security system you can buy.”

Meet Cocoon.

Whole home security. Simple to use. No monthly fees.

Everything you need to protect your home, in one beautiful device.

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Why Cocoon?

Make life easier
Family friendly
Make life easier

Cocoon doesn’t need professional installation. Simply place Cocoon in your home, download the app, connect to your home Wi-Fi and you’re done. Simple.

Cocoon automatically arms and disarms when you come and go, so no more keypads or remembering to set an alarm!

“Home security doesn’t have to mean upsetting the feng shui of your house with reams of wires.”

Family friendly

Wherever the day takes you, Cocoon lets you know what’s happening at home - the place that matters most. Get smart, relevant updates so you know everything's ok and, if you need to, take action with the touch of a screen.

As people come and go Cocoon’s timeline updates, so you know that your loved ones are home safely or that your dog walker came on time, meaning you can relax knowing your home is secure.

“It’s a gentle reassurance that our home is safe.”

- Victoria H

From the moment you plug it in Cocoon’s patented Subsound® technology starts learning the unique patterns of your home, avoiding false alarms and sending you smart notifications only when you need to take action.

You don’t need to do anything to teach Cocoon what’s normal for your home. Just go about your day and trust that Cocoon is looking after what you care about most.

“Cocoon has learned about our comings and goings really quickly.”

- Jim C
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