Protect your whole home with Cocoon.

Simple setup, HD video and audio, built-in siren, all controlled from your phone. Feel safe with Cocoon.

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Meet Cocoon.

Everything you need to protect your home.

In one beautiful device.

HD Video
HD Audio
Built-in Siren
No installation
Whole Home Security
Subsound<sup>®</sup> technology
Night vision
Motion detection
Take action

HD Video

Stream HD video in real-time, or check recorded video alerts, for a clear picture of your home.

HD Audio

High-quality audio accompanies all HD video to hear and see what's happening at home.

Built-in Siren

Control a very loud +90 dB siren from your smartphone.

No installation

Simply plug in, download the Cocoon app and setup in seconds.

Whole Home Security

Cocoon uses Subsound® technology to protect all the rooms in your home from a single device.

Subsound® technology

Using sound to cover and protect your whole home, learning what is and isn't normal to prevent false alarms.

Night vision

See your home clearly, night and day.

Motion detection

Instant notifications of unusual movement in your home when you're away.

Take action

Cocoon apps for Android and iPhone let you immediately take action to feel safe.

Whole home security. Simple to use. No monthly fees.

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Making home security simple.

Cocoon is unique, with just one device it covers and protects your whole home. Our patented Subsound® technology detects subtle sounds and vibrations from any room, on any floor in your home.

So your home is protected, every day, around the clock.

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Centred around you.

We’ve designed Cocoon to be clever enough to know who should and shouldn’t be in your home, learning what is normal and making it easy for you take action when something unusual happens.

Cocoon tunes itself to your home, so you can trust it to look after what you care about most.

Controlled using your phone.

Whether you're at home, at the office, or lazing by the pool, Cocoon is always with you. Cocoon lets you know if something's wrong so you can control the response.

Get intelligent notifications and HD video alerts on your phone. Sound the siren, call the Police or a neighbour - you decide.

Trust Cocoon to take care of you.

With Cocoon there’s no need to set it as you come and go. Cocoon's unique Subsound® technology protects your whole home while you're away and respects your privacy when you’re there.

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Security that saves you money.

Protect your home and save money in the process. With Cocoon, eligible customers can get discounts on Zurich home insurance.

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Whole home security for £299.

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