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Home security
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Everything that makes your house your home, protected by a single, smart device the size of a cricket ball.

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Your whole home protected by Subsound®.

Traditional home security uses sensors on each of your doors and windows to detect movement. Cocoon is different, it uses the air in your home as a link between these entry points and it’s powerful microphone, protecting your whole home from a single device.

Cocoon’s unique Subsound® technology protects your whole home by picking up low level sound waves too quiet for humans to hear and notifying you if anything unusual happens.

Better yet, Cocoon’s built in AI quickly tunes itself to your household’s frequency, learning the rhythms of your home to avoid false alarms.

Meet Cocoon.

Whole home security. Simple to use. No monthly fees.

Everything you need to protect your home, in one beautiful device.

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£299.00 £159.00 (Save 45%)