Home security without the hassle

Meet Cocoon™, the world's first multi-room smart home security system.


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Protecting more of your home

Unique Subsound® technology senses unusual activity in your home, learning to better protect it.

Cocoon’s artificial intelligence detects unusual activity throughout your home and alerts you instantly.

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Backed by Aviva

Cocoon makes it easier for you to feel safe at home, a mission supported by Aviva, the UK's leading home insurance company.

This is Cocoon

Multi-room security. Simple to use. No monthly fees.

Security in seconds

Quick and simple setup, Cocoon starts working the moment it connects to Wi-Fi - no extra sensors, hubs or clutter.

Home at your fingertips

The wide angle camera gives you a clear pictures on your phone, night and day.

Alerts as they happen

Cocoon notifies your Household as soon as something unusual is detected and, at a tap, you can sound the siren.

Never miss a moment

See who’s home, check Cocoon’s status and download unmissable moments from the last 7 days.

All this, without monthly fees.

Simple and great. I have coverage of every visit to the house and no risk of having the house alarm being set off accidentally while on holiday. So much better than the old conventional alarm system.


Save money when you buy Cocoon

UK customers can now save an additional 15% on their home insurance when bought through PolicyCastle®. Start saving on your home insurance with Cocoon today.

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